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CPRE backs SWWW campaign


Quote from an article in The News

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is helping the Save Warsash and Western Wards (SWWW) campaign in their fight against development in the Fareham borough. Caroline Dibden, Vice Trustee & South Hampshire Lead for CPRE, said: ‘We are providing help and assistance to the group so they can understand planning procedures and how best they can protect their green spaces.


Why can't the powers that be see the problem?


This very well written objection on the FBC planning site summarises the threat to the village:

To whom it may concern

Dear Sirs,
Land & Partners Ltd 185 homes P/17/0998/OA Bargate Homes 140 homes P/17/0752/OA Taylor Wimpey 80 homes P/17/0746/OA Foreman Homes 185 homes P/16/0959/OA Ms Hanslip 37 homes P/17/1284/OA Further development Greenaway Lane 110 homes.

Further to my previous objections to the above planning applications, I feel that I must comment further on the overall picture now that the total number of dwellings is becoming apparent.

The above planning applications total 737 homes and to this must be added a further 100 homes at the Maritime Academy.

This would give a potential increase of 837 homes within a one mile stretch of Brook Lane. This does not include the existing Taylor Wimpey site a further half mile away in Peters Road, and the Cold East site where a further 600 houses are at present under construction. This gives a possible final total of 1437 houses in a 1.7 mile stretch of Brook Lane.

On the basis of two cars per household this could involve up to an increase of 5748 car movements per day. This is in addition to the volume of traffic currently using the road. Bearing in mind that Brook Lane is not scheduled for any upgrades it would a great burden on an old road. At the moment, at peak times, large traffic build ups occur at all the exits to Warsash i.e. Barnes Lane, Brook Lane (incl. Lockswood Road) and Locks Road and any additional increase could cause gridlock.

Looking at it from a logistics point of view it would not be physically possible for, say, an additional 2000 cars to exit the Brook Lane/Barnes Lane Junctions with the A27 in a time frame of two hours (7.00 to 9.00am and 5.00 to 7.00pm) particularly as the A27 at these times is already very busy. Each of the above applications has been taken in isolation with no thought to the overall traffic situation. It should be remembered that these are the only exits from Warsash as the South and West are bounded by water and Warsash Road also finally leads to the A27.

At present Warsash has a very small industrial base therefore any people living in the area would have to migrate to the north of Warsash to seek employment. Similarly, there are very few shops, therefore the same would apply. At present the Lockswood Centre is full at peak times so additional housing would increase the congestion.

It has been suggested that Brook Lane and Barnes Lane could be upgraded and Traffic Lights placed at the end of Barnes Lane, This would be an excellent idea from a safety point of view, but it would only serve to get the traffic to the vicinity of the A27 more quickly and then it would still come to a halt.

If any of the above planning applications are passed it will create a precedent for the remaining ones to use to further their applications.

I hope that the Planning Inspectors will take the above into consideration when reaching their verdict.

Yours faithfully


The muddle turned into a mess today


At today's planning meeting all three of the Warsash applications were passed with a vote of 4 - 5. Unfortunately Cllr. Hockley who replaced Cllr. Cartwright on the committee due to his inability to take his seat because he had 'pre-determined' his opinion voted for the application. Had Cllr. Cartwright remained in place and voted in the way that his conscience had told him to the result would have been very different.

Presumably Cllr. Ford should not have been on the committee either as he had obviously pre-determined his vote by showing that he was against the plans for Warsash in the Daft Local Plan debates.

Link to an article in The News

Link to an article in Daily Echo

Videos are now available here


What a muddle we are in


There seem to be so many applications hitting FBC's Planning Portal for Brook Lane at the moment, some being added, some, being withdrawn, some being appealed, some having their appeal changed to an informal hearing, that I though that it might be a good idea to try and get some sort of sense into it. Please bear in mind that I might be wrong (in fact probably am) but this is my take on the current situation.
The complete picture: Brook Lane proposed sites
Better views of individual sites:

Click any image to enlarge

From what I can make out

I hope that makes it more clear but I must admit that after all of that I am just as confused as I was before. All that I do know is that if that little lot all get the go-ahead then I am rather pleased that all I have to concern me, where I live, is Welborne.


Warsash's march


Well so far that's been one march for Portchester and one for Warsash - how about one FOR FAREHAM. It looks as if it was a good turnout so if any of these sites get rejected and are moved to another area within Fareham, will that mean another protest march? We really need to start working together.

Link to an article in the Daily Echo


Residents weren't too happy at the CAT meeting


The most popular CAT meeting by far since we have started videoing them, so popular infact, that the Council had to arrange a carry-on meeting. In total 350 people attended and they made their feelings about over-development under investment in infrastructure that FBC might actually take note. The problem is if FBC do take notice and reduce the number of dwellings, it will just mean that residents will suffer in some other area.

Link to an article in The News


And now it starts again


It wasn't really worth keeping the original Brook Lane page alive as it was. Everything that went on before is obsolete now that the Local Plan has been released for comment.

Within the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment there are nine sites that have been selected as suitable for development, in fact these 9 sites have been incorporated into one in the actual Local Plan - Click any of the images to enlarge and scroll through the sites.

All that we can do now is to file objections to the over-development of Fareham and hope and pray that some notice can be taken of these objections. Comments can be filed on-line at this address. A printable comment form is available here or you can e-mail them at although from their web page they don't seem to be too keen on snail mail. I guess just send a letter to the Planning Department at Fareham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Civic Way, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 7AZ


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