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Parking problems


Looking at the documents submitted to FBC for this application somebody has obviously done some research, they have added links to three very interesting little snippets on the problem of parking.

 The comment is here. Unfortunately because the document is scanned the links do not work so here they are:

Both from FBC's In Touch  Autumn 2016 (page 2) and Summer 2017 (page 2)

Parking problems
I wonder if they will remember these articles when it comes to making a decision on the project.

And then there was the comment by Cllr. Woodward in The News  25th July 2014.

"The site is big enough for 10 to 12 affordable houses and for ward councillors, Councillor Peter Davies and Councillor David Whittingham, that would be its best use."

It looks as if this site is going the same way as the rest of Fareham increasing housing density hand over fist. Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust what we were being told by our councillors?


At last


At last a fully formed planning application for the site.

Site Layout

Click image to enlarge

FBC icon Link to planning application

Let us just hope that the development and commisioning stage doesn't crucify the few shops in Fareham Park Road through inconsiderate parking and obstruction.


An update


Construction on the site could begin later this year if planning consent is given in September. The plan is due to be submitted this week.

The Daily Echo icon  Link to The Daily Echo article


Site gets the go-ahead (sort of)


FBC appear to have given the go ahead for the development of this site although we are still not sure whwther it will be for 18 or 21 flats. However many there are though, there won't be enough for a parking space for each flat let alone more than one for the two bedroom units, I wonder where the overflow will put their cars as Fareham Park Road is a, relatively narrow, bus route that is already over-parked, possibly over the road in the shop area.

The way that I read the plan is that they STILL haven't finally decided on the layout, they want to develop the 21 unit plan but would need the dental surgery to agree to part with some of their car park to enable this so there could still be some extended wrangling which could well push their completion date beyond the planned 2018. Of course I could be wrong, in fact I probably am.

The News icon Link to The News article

FBC icon Link to FBC decision details


Possible development plans


These plans are due to be discussed at the Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday 02-11-2016.

It would seem as if there will probably be less parking spaces than there will be flats so it looks as if Fareham Park Road will be at even more of a standstill than it is at the moment. Admittedly this is only speculation and we won't know exactly what the layout will be until it actually goes before the planning committee.

18 Flats

18 Flats

21 Flats

21 Flats

Click either image to enlarge



Site plan

As you can see it is quite a reasonable parcel of land facing Highlands Road and Fareham Park Road and extending right the way along behind the Doctor's and dentist's surgeries.

At the start of this saga the pub was demolished, it would seem in about 2005, and the land was purchased by a developer. The bungalow was owned by very nice old guy who was to stay there for some years yet. Part of the demolition order was that the site must be close boarded but the developers that were responsible for this just ignored that bit of the order and FBC didn't bother to insist, so the site turned into the local fly tip for the next 5 years or so. Nothing else happened although many complaints were raised and comments made to our local councillor Peter Davies. Now this is where it gets very confusing and if I have mangled some of the facts please let me know so that I can correct this page.
Fareham Park Road 1 Fareham Park Road 2
Bought by HCC in a bidding war with FBC with the intention of swapping St Columba's Church with some financial adjustment from it's existing site thus freeing land for more social housing in Hillson Drive. It was found however that the Hillson Drive site was subject to subsidence, presumably because of the railway line so that idea was canned. Once this came to light it would appear that HCC seemed to lose interest in it so it was sold to FBC with all of the ensuing fees, not sure how much these transactions were for, I have heard rumours that HCC paid £330k originally but after that it seems to have become financially sensitive so no further details are available.
Fareham Park Road 3 Fareham Park Road 4 After much complaining at Peter's Thursday morning surgery (at least he holds one on a regular basis, which is more than some people further up the greasy pole do) close boarding was erected at the ratepayer's expense. Although local residents would have prefferred to have seen the site put to some real use such as a temporary car park, arcane legal reasons were trotted out why this would be impossible. Then nothing until earlier this year when the gentleman living in the bungalow unfortunately died. FBC snapped up the property, once again no figures available but Zoopla value the place at around the £250,000 mark so we are probably approaching a total cost so far with no benefit to the unwitting and possibly even unwilling financiers of £.75M. (That's you and me again).

Apparently Mr Woodward assured Mr Davies that something would happen by the end of September this year. Although an initial concept design by appointed architects suggests 20 x 1 and 2 bed flats for general needs (including 2 fully wheelchair accessible units) could be achieved any decision has now been indefinitely postponed waiting on funding becoming available. What a shambles. To think that FBC are now going out to find additional sites for development when this one sits there, begging to be built on, virtually everybody would like to see this eyesore disappear but we've run out of money. So much for FBC's commitment to find homes for the 1350 disposessed in Fareham.

There is one really lousy saving grace to this problem though. It means that the 4 small shops directly opposite the site, hairdresser, barber, florist and chippy will have another 2 years during which customers will be able to park outside their shops (there are 3 spaces - if people park considerately, 2 if they don't) before it all becomes messed up with construction traffic. It really would have been nice for them to have had the use of a small car park for all of those years instead of having to look out onto such an eyesore.
Fareham Park Road 5 Fareham Park Road 6


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