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Meet Dr. Nick Broughton


This is the chance to beard the lion of Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust in his den. He is the chief executive of the Trust and is keen to meet people and hear their thoughts on the Trust, experiences of it services and views on its care.

You will also be able to meet a number of staff and Governors who will be on hand to tell you more about the current work we are doing in a number of areas including extended primary care teams, mental health services and how you can get involved.

Anyone is welcome to attend, please book your place as they are limited.

A place can be booked online at

by email at

or by calling 023 8087 4666.


STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS.


Thank you for signing the petition STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS and for sharing and donating to the two crowdfund appeals to support Legal Challenges to the dismantling structures called Accountable Care Organisations (ACO).

This is to inform you that reponses you get to requests for information should go to me through the petition only. Nowhere else.

What do your MPs and Councillors know about Accountable Care Systems and Organisations? Let's give them some information. (see 'Summary' later in the e-mail.)

On Tuesday we heard that a Judge has given permission for the second Judicial Review about the issue of Accountable Care Organisations, to go ahead as ‘soon as possible’ after 14 March 2018. This is the Judicial Review featuring Stephen Hawking the famous physicist, as one of the claimants. (The first one which has got permission to go to court, is the 999Call for the NHS Judicial Review.)

Peter Roderick, for the second Judicial Review featuring Stephen Hawking, said “After last week's concession (by NHS England) of a national 12-week public consultation in the spring, Mr Justice Walker has decided that arguments on the need for primary legislation and on transparency “merit a full hearing”. This is fantastic news”

Jeremy Hunt told Sarah Wollaston about Quango NHS England’s intention to hold a consultation in his reply to her letter.

However, although we are delighted with this development, we can not rest because the House of Commons Briefing Paper on Accountable Care Organisations is less even handed than these briefing papers are usually found to be.

It takes the Secretary of State’s endorsement of Keiser Permenente and Riberal Salud at face value.

We know that there are questions to be asked about these US companies and should be asking how this briefing was prepared

Campaigners have prepared their own academic briefings for MPs and Councillors here and here. Please politely share these with your MPs and Councillors if you have time. A paper copy to Suella at the Houses of Parliament House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA is best and can be found in the link when you search for your MP. A simple request for 'information about how the House of Commons Briefing Paper on Accountable Care Organisations was prepared" would be useful. Please let us know what they say, by e-mailing me a short message through the petition, just under the petition title near the box CH, (not by replying to this e-mail) or to

Summary, writing to MPs

Together we are making huge strides. Let's keep it up. And if you do not have time for all this no worries, you really help just by sharing this petition.

Thanks for all you do.


Will George do any better than Suella?


Quote from an article in The News

George Hollingbery, MP for Meon Valley, said he wants assurances from Mr Hunt that problems at the Cosham hospital are being recognised at the highest level.

Let's be honest, Suella tried to 'GET TO THE BOTTOM' of the health problems at Welborne but didn't get very far. I wonder if George can improve on her performance? Surely it can't be that hard.

Another article from the same source about funding:

THE organisation in charge of NHS funding in Portsmouth has backed the chief executive of Queen Alexandra Hospital and his plans to sort out its finances.

Trouble is words are cheap but true action nearly always costs money - Good luck George.


How rapidly success can tarnish


So just five days after blowing her own trumpet it looks as if Suella is back-tracking on her claim of a major success by admitting that the bus route that everybody told her was needed is actually a necessity for the success of the scheme.

Apparently the Stubbington practice has backed out of the scheme because of IT problems, they hope to rejoin in the future but just like the rest of Fareham, reliance on a plan without ensuring the necessary background work and infrastructure has been done and is in place to make the plan a real success is a recipe for red faces.

Link to an article in the News:


Somebody thinks the same day service is a success


I think that some people would disagree.

Quote from an article in the Daily Echo: "Titchfield GP Dr. Tom Bertram, the clinical lead for the project said: "We are delighted with the way service is proving so successful with the vast majority of patients who contact us, asking for same-day appointments.

But - as we hoped – there are very encouraging signs that it is also helping to ease the pressure on routine non-emergency appointments at the participating GP practice."

Fareham MP Suella Fernandes added: "I am confident that given the demand for same-day and primary care services that the Fareham Primary Care Service will be a success and provide residents which much needed services.""


Q.A. declared an internal incident on Sunday


It's all well and good our Executive Leader saying that the NHS, CCGs, et. al. have a responsibility to cope with the extra housing. I wonder if he could give us a clue as to quite how they are meant to comply with his missive?

"The hospital was so over-stretched that bosses declared an 'internal incident' – which is a higher status than an extremely serious 'black alert'."

Quote from an article in the Daily Mail


Is there a solution to QA waiting times?


The survey of NHS hospitals ranks Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust as being the fourth worst in the country for waiting times at A&E. Against a target of 95% of patients being seen within 4 hours, our trust managed to reach just 76.4%. This was a 0.5% improvement over this time last year. The three Trusts that fared even worse were in Harlow (68.3%), Shrewsbury and Telford (73.3%) and East Kent (75.4%). Only 15 trusts out of the 133 for whom figures are available managed to meet the target.

They did manage to do much better in cancer care however, ranking 72nd out of 135, an improvement of 1.6% over this time last year started treatment within 62 days of GP referral. As far as planned operations and care, they very nearly achieved the target of 92% waiting less than 18 weeks with a figure of 90.8% making them 68th out of 129 trusts, unfortunately that was the worst performance with a reduction of 2% over last year.

Whilst the management is obviously managing to make minor improvements in some of the areas that were surveyed, one wonders quite how they will manage with the massive development programme that is being undertaken because of the independent survey of housing needs commisioned and accepted by PUSH.

The MP for Harlow, the worst performing trust for A&E, is now supporting the building of a new hospital after the chairman of the Trust, Lord Kerslake, the former Head of the Civil Service, resigned stating:

"I do not do this lightly as I love King's but believe the government and regulator are unrealistic about the scale of the challenge facing the NHS and the trust." It does seem to be becoming an oft repeated refrain.


How long have we been saying this?


This group has been saying for as long as it has been existence that this could be one perfectly sensible extension for the use of our our hohospital. The trouble is that it will require initial investment, but will it ever get that investment?

Although Hampshire County Council are responsible for by far the largest proportion of bed-blockers at QA this appears to be a solution that is under Fareham and Gosport CCG's control so how about the County Council subsidising it as well? Oops, sorry I forgot the £1.4M cuts that are going on. The money can only really come from Central Government but somehow that looks even more unlikely. Just look at the way our Jeremy has promised and totally failed to do anything to actually improve our Health Service. Maybe though, with the latest so-called, additional funding that is due to come over the next few years something just might happen, but is that extra financing needed to just fire-fight GP services?

However this still won't resolve the problem, like so many other things it is just moving the traffic jam a bit further along the road. What happens once the hohospital is full, the problem will just fall back onto Q.A. The problem is a lack of Social Care for, primarily for the elderly and at the current time that problem is 100% in Hampshire County Council's remit.

Link to the article in The News


Will there be enough health care?


It does seem slightly strange that Cllr. Woodward is decrying the fact that there won't be an additonal GP surgery in North Whiteley but he is quite sanguine about the fact that there won't be a surgery for a development that is almost twice the size at Welborne. Would a health and wellbeing hub at Whiteley be adequate? Who knows as there have been no details released of exactly what such a 'hub' will be.

Cllr. Woodward said "So we have the prospect of an extra 3,500 homes all needing to access the existing Whiteley surgery which cannot be expanded.

It comes after the CCG originally decided not to provide a health hub at Welborne before making a U-turn on the decision."

Cllr Woodward added: "I found the CCG to be effective when I lobbied them on behalf of Fareham residents but they have no democratic representation on their board hence they are not always aware what people think.""

I must admit that I like that last sentence. Come on Cllr. Woodward, when are you going to get the CCG to let us know what this hub will look like?

Link to the article in The News

Link to the article in The Daily Echo


New urgent care centre to start at Q.A.


"During the meeting, it was asked if GPs has already been recruited for the centre.

Mr Bytheway added: ‘We have got a lot of support from the clinical commissioning groups in this area and the GP alliance in getting this scheme up and running.

We have got the majority of shifts covered up until the middle of December so we are ready to go.""

With such a lack of GPs at local surgeries by using them to staff a service as important as this all that is happening is that the LOCAL service can only get worse. But then is there another solution other than finding, training and KEEPING GPs which comes at extra cost? And don't forget all of the additional patients that the housing blitz will create.

Link to the article in The News


The Same Day Access Service is up and....


"The Same Day Access Service at Fareham Community Hospital was launched last week. This will revolutionise local healthcare by enabling patients to see a GP on the same day and for extended hours. The new scheme has been led by Dr Tom Bertram and supported by Fareham and Gosport CCG. It is available to patients who use Highlands, Jubillee, Stubbington or Whiteley surgeries and follows a model that works well in Gosport. This will tackle the problem of long waiting times and ensure that hundreds of people are seen on the day rather than after weeks of waiting.

I am glad that Fareham Community Hospital Taskforce, which I set up in 2016, has helped to facilitate this scheme by bringing together decision-makers and GPs to make better use of our local Hospital."
- Suella Fernandes MP.

 From Suella's Facebook wall


HCC responsible for 80% of blocked beds at QA.


Hampshire County Council are causing major problems at QA. They are responsible for 200 of the 250 patients blocking beds. With their new austerity drive under way I wonder if this is going to get any better.

 Link to The News artice


Could this be the future of the NHS?


Not too sure if this is the correct place for this as it doesn't DIRECTLY affect Fareham, but it could well do so in the near future.

Shocking news is just emerging from the Midlands. Nottinghamshire is one of the first 8 'Accountable Care Systems' (ACS) which the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) are morphing into. We've just discovered that US Centene Corporation via Capita, has landed a contract with this ACS for upwards of £2.7m of our public money, to come and impose the discredited public/private healthcare system on the area. This involves a health management company running an area’s entire health service and hospital buildings, paid for with a mix of private and public money, with the Nottinghamshire ACS completely ignoring the fact that Ribera Salud system, which Centene half owns and is setting up here, is being investigated by police in Valencia for corruption.

Centene Corporation runs the publicly funded Medicaid programmes in 20 states and an Insurance business for low income people who have lost their Medicaid status. Remember Insurance companies are there for shareholders not for patients and do everything they can to avoid paying out. Is that what we want here?

If this is happening in Nottinghamshire, what is happening in the other 7 ACSs? Healthcare does not fit with the market.

We do not want to increase health inequalities.

The US has the worst healthcare in the developed world, exporting that here via Valencia is unacceptable!

The UK is the 6th richest counry in the world and CAN afford a proper health service.

Please help us STOP the STPs, by signing and sharing the petition.


Fareham and Gosport CCG 's Annual General Meeting is being held on 13th September 2017


The Annual General Meeting is being held from 17:00 - 18:30 at Ferneham Hall, Osborn Road, Fareham, PO16 7DB.

The governing body will present the annual report and accounts for 2016/17  (a copy of which you can see here) as well as looking at key strategic objectives for the next year.

There will also be the opportunity to ask the governing body questions.

From the introduction to the report

"Two words that have come to the fore over the past 12 months in terms of describing the configuration of the NHS have been ‘sustainability’ and ‘transformation.’

Not least because the NHS and local councils have come together in 44 areas (covering all of England) to develop proposals and make improvements for health and social care. These proposals, called sustainability and transformation plans (STPs), have been built around the needs of the local population and have already generated much debate and discussion.

But the fundamental reason for having these plans – that the NHS must transform the way it delivers care to remain sustainable – is nothing new.

The NHS has constantly adapted since its inception in 1948 and we must continue to do so as the world in which we live in, and our health needs continue to change. As life expectancy increases, so do the ailments of old age and there are now more people with chronic conditions like heart failure and arthritis. That said, we are now able to treat people with new drugs and clinical care that wasn’t available in the past.

There are also big opportunities to improve care by making common-sense changes to how the NHS works. Improvements that matter, like making it easier to see a GP or to get urgent care, speeding up cancer diagnosis and offering help more quickly to people with mental ill health.




GP warning

Gosport 5th September 2017.

As is always the case. this forum was educational, illuminating and, at times, disconcerting. So often, one hears tales of cutbacks and lack of resources in the voluntary sector. How some of these groups keep going is beyond me. However, on this occasion one item on the agenda is of interest to this group and to Inform Fareham because it concerns GP practices and follows on from the recent FBC press release re Welborne health services. It was a presentation by the CCG entitled 'GP Forward View' or GPFV. Basically it is a project to make up for the shortfall in GPs: Incidentally, the new buzz-words are 'Signposting' or 'Sign posters' and 'Care Navigators'. The aim of this project is to train surgery staff into 'signposting' patients into areas that may best suit their needs — or to navigate the system. One could support that. Another aim is to re-determine the way GPs work so that they can have more hours to spend on patient care. However, another aspect of these changes is to use technology extensively — as in the Internet — for patients to contact the surgery — 'Econsultations'. The point was raised about data security and the CCG representative was honest enough to admit that THINGS WILL NEVER BE 100% SAFE. You can learn more about this project— and this is the future - here — Good luck!

Also discussed was ‘The Same Day Appointment‘ scheme, currently used in Gosport but a scheme that will be rolled out across the district. Readers will remember that a Hub will be established at the former Coldeast site — often referred to as a community hospital - exclusively for this purpose. I questioned its use for patients living in Fareham Central and in the east of the district. The CCG representative admitted that this was unsatisfactory and suggested that eventually a hub could be set up more conveniently for these patients. We shall see. The CCG representative also explained that a great many trainee doctors do NOT wish to be GPs — something l have made comment on myself in the past. Doctors find the current model for GP practice unattractive and often leave. This leaves surgeries vulnerable. When GPs leave and cannot be replaced then an extra burden is placed upon those left. lt was said that it wasn’t unknown for a surgery to be in the position of having only one GP left to carry the load. That must be a worry.

Report for Inform Fareham Focus Group by Michael Stephenson


No MIU at Fareham Community Hospital


So what is the point of this under-utilised, over-priced building? They admit that it is wasting money hand over fist but can't get, probably, the most useful addition to its services. Even our Executive Leader is now saying that the services it offers are a joke and a disgrace. As Michael Stephenson has been saying after the CCG presentations that he has attended recently - it was never going to happen - I guess that he is being proved correct again, just like we have all been over Welborne. It doesn't look as if our Suella's campaign has been too successful so far. I wonder if she's getting any further with the Welborne Health Centre enquiry?

 Article in The News.


Can community hospitals can help ease pressure on A&E?


"According to research by RAND Europe, the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and Bournemouth University, community hospitals could help ease pressure on A&E and treat people with long-term conditions."

But does the CCG have the cash to improve Fareham Community Hospital?

 Article in The Daily Echo.


Jeremy's not as popular as he hoped.


Jeremy Hunt

Funny how government ministers seem to announce the outcome of visits after nobody realises that they have even occurred. I don't think that Jeremy's visit was appreciated quite as much by the QA coal face workers that he ignored AGAIN.

"One consultant said: ‘A carefully stage managed visit which the majority of staff knew nothing about. Says everything you need to know about Mr Hunt’s willingness to engage with frontline NHS staff.’

 Article in The News.


Jeremy's been visiting.


Jermey Hunt has made two visits to our hospitals lately. After his visit to QA he released a statement that said "In a statement issued after the visit, Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, said: ‘It was a pleasure to meet staff at the Queen Alexandra Hospital and to hear first-hand about their work.'" It all seemed like a pleasant visit.

 Article in The News.

It didn't seem to go quite so smoothly at Southampton though "Medics voiced their anger about long hours and staff shortages during a question and answer session with the Secretary of State when he visited University Hospital Southampton (UHS) to discuss patients safety.

Under their new contract, the maximum number of hours junior doctors will have to work in a week will reduced from 91 to 72 while fines will be introduced for trusts that exceed this limit."

Isn't it wonderful the way that Central Government can create these targets, try and force hospitals to meet them yet not provide the facilities that must be in place and that they have no chance of putting in place because of the way that the staff are being treated due to under-funding, and then fineing the hospital. It's just double taxation as the only people that can pay for this fine is us, the taxpayers and thus reducing the service even further to allow them to fine the hospital again.

 Article in the Daily Echo.

I wonder if he managed to find time to address the Welborne Health Centre problem as he promised to do if and when he was re-elected?


Well QA are trying.


QA Hospitals wants to halve number of patients medically fit but stuck in beds.

Dr Rob Haigh, director of emergency care, said they wanted to see that figure drop to 110 by the middle of September. Addressing the board during yesterday’s meeting Dr Haigh said: ‘In May, the average for patients medically fit for discharge was 257 but we have had some success in reversing that and it is now at 234.

 Link to The News article

So what happened with the solution that was first mooted back in November 2015. See the videos. It seemed crass then and seems even more crass now. They keep trying but keep failing as well. Suella's idea of Fareham Community Hospital seems to be going nowhere fast.


Hampshire bosses set to revive GP home visits


"The five-month Acute Home Visiting Service (AVHS) has been launched by Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

The AHVS will involve a GP or nurse visiting the homes of those who are too poorly or unable to travel to their local surgery.

Seven practices are participating in the scheme – Waterside, Stoke Road, Brune and Forton medical centres in Gosport (all part of the Willow Group) and Bury Road and Manor Way surgeries in Lee-on-the-Solent."

So nothing to do with Welborne then, basically it's just Gosport.

Daily Echo icon Link to The Daily Echo article


New contract hopes to ease pressure on QA Hospital


Let's hope that they know just what they are doing here. They seem to have gone from pay per visit to a single payment no matter how much work is involved. I wonder if they have allowed for population growth in these figures.

Quote from the article below: ‘This is a building block to helping improve the system at QA.

It is about opening that dialogue to transform services without PHT worrying about loss of income. We need to be working together better and making ourselves more efficient.

‘With the contract, PHT will have slightly more money than last year with the amount taking into account what we expect them to spend. But we have to look at savings and take that into account too.'

I am afraid that with the increase in prospective patients the phrase "PHT will have slightly more money than last year" is a bit of an understatement. It's already vastly underfunded so slightly more isn't going to help much.

The News icon Link to The News article


Fareham's care provider closed itself.


Grove Domiciliary Care provided care and support to people who live in their own homes in Fareham, Portchester, Warsash, Lee on the Solent, Stubbington, Gosport, and Portsmouth. After the CQC delivered a damning report the directors decided to close the company down. I'll bet that they walked away with a nice bank balance after not supplying services that we had paid for.

Hampshire County Council, which used Grove's services, said in a statement: “In cases where a care organisation is not providing the standards of care we expect, we will take the required action."

So after complaints against the company that had not been properly investigated - the company closed ITSELF. How did HCC take any required action - it only happened after the damning CQC report and the best part is that one of the companies with whom the contract was then placed has the same directors and even that one requires improvement according to the CQC.

May your lord have mercy on anybody who depends on council provided care under our non-existent care system.

Daily Echo icon Link to The Daily Echo article


After CCGs let's try QA again.


Well after the sort of admission from Cllr. Woodward yesterday I thought that it might be worth seeing what the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust had to say.

I sent this letter to them way back in January 2015:

"After the article on Radio 4 yesterday (06/01/2015) and the Daily Mail icon Daily Mail article and in light of the public examination into the proposed Welborne development may I ask the following question?

Are you quite certain that the hospital and ambulance services in this area can cope with the amount of expansion proposed in South East Hampshire? We were assured at the public examination that your services were consulted and that you appeared to have no comment to make, however in the documentation I see that you have been contacted but there seemed to be no response. With a further 6000 dwellings in Welborne plus the major expansion in Horndean, Waterlooville, Havant and subsequent in-filling are you still confident that our Health Service will be able to cope or should we all be more concerned that the service is getting, or has even got to breaking point? A reply at your earliest convenience would be very greatly appreciated so that, if it is necessary, they can be passed to the public examiner."

pdf icon And their reply

So I went back on 17th January with:

"Dear Ms Rushton,

I enclose a copy of a letter sent to Ms Ursula Ward of the Portsmouth NHS Trust and a copy of her reply. As she has very neatly sidestepped the question may I now raise it with you?

In light of the latest crises that seem to be happening in most parts of the country over accident and emergency provision, are you of the opinion that our local health service can cope with the intended increase in numbers in the local population that will be caused by the 6000 dwelling expansion in Welborne, along with the developments that are taking part in Waterlooville, Horndean, Havant and all other areas that form a part of your remit?

I realise that the above is a somewhat generalised question and can only be answered in a very non-committal way. A more specific question is what sort of consultation took place between yourselves and Fareham Borough Council over the Welborne development? Have you raised any concerns over the population increase or are you completely satisfied that you will be able to cope with the increased demand that this will create, not so much in the local provision, G.P.s and the like, but in A & E, maternity, geriatric provision and other similar departments that are not really covered by the general practitioners?

I apologise for the lateness of this letter but as the next meeting is organised for the 21st January a swift response that could possibly be used at this meeting would be very gratefully appreciated. My e-mail address is if it is possible to reply by this means of communication then this should save postage time. Many thanks."

pdf icon With this response I am afraid that I gave up.

So I have started the ball rolling again with this e-mail sent today:

"I wrote to Ursula Ward back in January 2015 with regard to healthcare provision in South East Hampshire, original letter and reply attached to this e-mail.

Last week it became apparent that the residents of Fareham have been misled over the provision of primary health care when the new 6,000 house Welborne development gets underway. Because of this and the recent stories about Queen Alexandra Hospital having major problems with its OPEL rating, the number of days that it has been on black alert over the last twelve months and the loss of £7M of funding partly due to local authorities failing to meet their responsibilities in setting and implementing care plans. I was wondering whether you would care to update your views on secondary and tertiary health care in the region?

With regard to the comment about the South East CCG, in Fareham and Welborne we come under the Fareham and Gosport and West Hampshire CCGs.

A reply would be very gratefully received so that I can disseminate the information to other members of the Inform Fareham Focus Group and hopefully to the rest of Fareham and Wickham residents."

Let's see what happens.


It just doesn't make sense.


Queen Alexandra Hospital is under extreme stress, can't cope, doesn't have the facilities or manpower and is responsible for a rapidly expanding catchment so instead of trying to resolve the problem they get penalised. Michael said after his meetings with the Fareham and Gosport CCG that STF was simply a cost-cutting exercise and here is the proof.

Quote from The News icon an article in The News

"SEVERE bed-blocking has led to Queen Alexandra Hospital missing out on more than £7m of extra funding.

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust – which runs the Cosham hospital – has revealed that it missed out on £7.6m worth of Sustainability and Transformation funding (STF) from the government in the last financial year due to ‘adverse financial and operational performance against trajectories’."

Surely a large part of the problem lies with our local councils not managing to implement care plans and the like - after all it is their responsiblity to ensure that those patients blocking beds are housed and cared for properly, Q.A. is just covering for them and being penalised in return. Perhaps our low level of council tax is starting to hurt in unexpected ways.

Star & Crescent logo An excellent article on just what sort of damage is being done to our NHS, written by a GP in Portsmouth ⇧Top⇧

STOP the new plans to dismantle our NHS.


38 degrees icon Link to 38 Degrees petition page.

Jeremy Hunt hired Simon Stevens to take over NHS England in 2014. Before that he was President of global operations for United Health of America where he was a lobbyist for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in charge of our NHS! He is driving through a change which will eradicate our NHS and replace it with a US style health service. These new organisations could even be run by US corporations, holding the budgets and deciding what care will be provide and who can get it. This is what the Sustainability and Transformation Plans are doing to our NHS.

See BMJ Opinion icon this item in BMJ Opinion




The Masonic Hall Gosport
May 2nd 2017.

These forums are really about the tremendous work a vast army of volunteers do in the health sector. Often under-resourced and under-financed. As was stated at the forum, without these volunteers much of the health sector could collapse. These volunteers get involved in a wide ranging matter of health issues. Their value should not be underestimated.

However, sometimes on the agenda are matters that interest us – such as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Some may be aware that several local CCGs want to go into partnership. Among those interested is the Fareham & Gosport CCG. Not joining this partnership is the West Hants CCG. Why is this significant? Welborne, when it is built, will come under the West Hants CCG. Clearly this throws up an interesting conundrum. In the early phasing of Welborne, as far as we can ascertain, there will be no health services. This means that residents will have to seek health services beyond the boundaries of Welborne: Fareham Health Centre and the Highlands Road Surgery come to mind. These come under the F&G CCG (services bought by them but not run by them). This would place an additional financial burden on the F&G CCG. They are already overstretched. Being Welborne is not in their area why would they be happy with that? Would the West Hants CCG be happy to pass some of their budget to the F&G CCG? The West Hants CCG has a big area to cover too - so probably not.

What does come under the West Hants CCG is Wickham Surgery. If the new residents at Welborne tried to sign on there the surgery could soon become overwhelmed. Just a thought!! South Hants CCG mapF &G  CCG map


Four CCG groups in Hampshire join partnership


Fareham & Gosport, North East Hampshire and Farnham, North Hampshire and South Eastern Hampshire CCGs have clubbed together. Is it of concern that the CCG closest to us and responsible for Welborne is missing?

Quote from The News icon an article in The News
"The four CCGs commision health services for 850,000 people with a budget of £1.1bn"


Why Southampton?


M27 motorcycle accident

I am sure that there are completely sensible reasons for an accident victim to be flown to Southampton General when an accident takes place just a couple of miles from the front doors of Queen Alexandra's.

Surely for a primary hospital located so close to the most accident prone stretch of motorway (at the end of the crawler lane) and with such a large catchment area to be unable to cope with an incident like this needs some fairly good explanations from the powers that be?

The News icon Link to The News article


The government needs to recognise that QA is in desperate need of more support


Residents keep saying this and our Council's response to the problem is to just carry on building 12,000 houses in Fareham and to say that health care is not their problem, it's up to the relevant CCGs to provide the necessary services.

"The NHS defines OPEL 4 as: ‘Pressure in the local health and social care system continues to escalate leaving organisations unable to deliver comprehensive care. ‘There is increased potential for patient care and safety to be compromised.’It is the worst rating out of the four OPEL grades".

The News icon Link to The News article


Online advice service for patients eases pressure on GPs


AN ONLINE service offering people medical advice has saved GPs hundreds of appointments in a week. All 10 GP practices in Fareham are now involved in the eConsult scheme, which has been rolled out across the county.

The News icon Link to The News article


is this Junk mail?


Received through the post today, nice glossy flyer printed on good quality (probably 100gsm) paper. When making an appointment at the hospital you are asked which one you want to attend. I needed to make an appointment for a CT scan and was told when trying to make it that there was a waiting list at QA, unfortunately they couldn't tell me how long it was, so I landed up making the only sensible choice possible and went to Southampton, so even though WE can make a choice it's a shame that there is no real choice available. Will it get any better when the additional 120,000 houses are added to their catchment area.

To my mind they would have done better to invest in services within the Health Servicerather than paying it to a private company.

Hospital flyer Click to enlarge image


Voluntary Health Sector Forum


It's taken a lttle while to get this all sorted out but the minutes of the meeting that Michael reported on back in February are now available PDF Icon here.

As this is an invitation only event we shall try and arrange for a representative to be at the next one on the 2nd May in Gosport.

Hopefully a video will eventually be made available but as I know only too well, that involves an awful lot of work.


Bed blocking - again


QA Hospital queue

It's amazing how long it takes QA to actually implement a seemingly simple idea that was first mentioned back in November 2015. At the CCG presentation to FBC the representative from the QA had this wonderfully cunning plan to reduce bed-blocking at virtually no cost. The Baldrick effect certainly works well in our NHS.

Even if this simple solution would save just 10% of the current cost of bed blocking it would give QA another £2.16M a year. The really frustrating thing though is surely that these patients aren't even the responsibiliy of QA but of the local councils involved.

 The video of the presentation to FBC is here

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In memory of those that we have lost


Haslar hospital

"The former military unit, on Haslar Road, saw thousands of people join together to keep it.

But despite their efforts, it was closed in 2009 and planning approval has been given for a £100m project for retirement flats built alongside a care home. The plan is just one of many developments which are taking place at the site. Once finished, it will have bars, restaurants, a doctors’ practice, retirement flats, care homes, stores and a church."

Once again it shows just how immune to local pressure our government is and now we are paying the price for the loss of so many establishments. The News icon Article from The News


Consultancy cost is the ‘economics of a mad house’


And now we know how much the external consultants are making from the Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Funnily enough this is nationally less than the increase in the business rates increase for Southampton General alone. Tax and tax again for paying outside consultancy firms that ex-MPs can find very lucrative employment at.

One question that needs answering is that the consultancy involved with our CCG is called Vanguard. This is the same consultancy that is advising FBC on how to improve it's profitability. As FBC would love to get their hands on some of the NHS real estate is there any chance of a conflict of interest or do they have a 'chinese wall' in place to prevent any collusion?

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The great NHS gamble


As part of a shake-up designed to fill an estimated national £22bn NHS financial black hole by April 2021, senior figures in Hampshire plan to axe £24m from their estates budget.

It comes as new figures reveal £194m is needed to carry out the sweeping changes to the healthcare system in the county, while only £119m has been earmarked – but not yet awarded – by the government.

The News icon Article from The News The Great NHS Gamble: Fears over secret list of buildings which could be sold off as part of healthcare shake-up


The News icon Article from The News Hampshire’s hospital services ‘under review’ in bid to make them ‘sustainable’

Before the meeting of the Voluntary Sector Health Forum took place I enquired as to whether we could video it for the record. I was informed that the meeting would be videoed and that the organiser felt that there could be difficulties about us getting permission to record it as well.

Quote from e-mail received from Community Action Fareham "With regard to your initial enquiry about video, we will be making a video of the meeting but would not want anyone else doing that without us first discussing it with the forum members and getting strong majority agreement first."

To date I haven't been able to find the video or any minutes of the meeting and I just wondered whether the lack of the video or minutes could be tied up with this article from The News.

I received this pdf file a few weeks ago but unfortunately it was during a very busy period and I mislaid it in my in-box. It does attempt to explain what Better. Local. Care. is supposed to mean. It seemed fairly straight forward when it was originally written in May last year, but with the massive budget cuts it doessn't seem quite so straightforward any more.

PDF Icon South Hampshire Multi-speciality Community Provider (MCP) or VANGUARD described as Better. Local. Care.


Voluntary Sector Health Forum


Fareham Community Church
Tuesday February 7th 2017.

The meeting kicked off with a presentation by a Gosport & Fareham Care Commissioning Group representative outlining the CCGs STP – the five year plan to get to grips with a huge deficit and to plan for the future. Nothing I heard today varied much from the CCG meeting I reported on just a little while ago. Frankly, one always gets the impression that these problems are almost intractable and insurmountable and even when these organisations do begin to get any sort of grip on the situation the government comes along and imposes yet more savage cuts and difficulties. He claimed that there were more than enough acute care beds (at QA). This brought murmurs of disbelief. However, from my experience it was probably a statement of fact. In this context he also spoke about the integration of services to provide a better joined-up overall care. For example, I guess, getting community care better organised to stop bed-blocking. I was reminded whilst listening to him that this was a problem even when I was working in the NHS forty years ago. I was wondering how they might be more successful now than they were then, when money and resources were less of an issue. I’m still wondering. It is worth noting that when Knowle Hospital, Fareham, was open it provided 100s of elderly/continuing care beds which were lost when it closed. Multiply this throughout the county and it is not too difficult to see how much of the problem arose in the first place. He also spoke about the ‘digital transformation’ – getting everyone’s health records online so that all health- practitioners can access them. This costly exercise has been going on for years to my knowledge and is still a long way off. I guess in this respect the minds of many listeners may have been thinking about data protection – or the lack of!

This theme was continued by the next speaker who talked about the MSP (Multiple Speciality Provider). This too was really about moving towards joined-up thinking. She talked about support services that would be needed to help prevent people turning up at A&E departments. She also mentioned the £3.5billion ‘Better Care’ fund which the government hoped would keep more people in the community. Although this is working in some respects it hasn’t led to a reduction in hospital workloads. GP surgeries and appointments were spoken about and how much (or little) time GPs can give to their patients. In this context she spoke about having a GP ‘Same Day Access Hub’ at Coldeast (the so-called Community Hospital) to cater for those who needed emergency appointments. Leaving aside any obvious concerns and questions she did at least admit that the community hospital was not always easily accessible stuck out at Park Gate. Amen to that statement.

After lunch there was a very interesting representation about the NHS 111 service. The contract for this service is up for renewal soon: It is currently being operated by SCAS (the South Coast Ambulance Service). A recent survey done by the CCG showed that people were generally happy with the 111 service. It must be said, though, that the number of people questioned was just 350 and the lady acknowledged that this was a very small sample: One of the questions asked was ‘would people be happy for their medical records to be accessed by the 111 service?’ Of those asked 71% said yes, 15% said no and 9% were undecided - yes, somebody did ask what happened to the missing 5% but I cannot recall the answer. This was a little bit of a shock to me. Once again though, I suspect that many people would have concerns about data protection and patient confidentiality, a point acknowledged. One matter of this presentation me sit up and take notice - the idea that doctors appointments could be made through the NHS 111 service and indeed the idea of having just one number for all NHS services. Wow!!

There were also interesting and informative talks on diabetes and COPD.

This is only a potted view of the meeting which went on for over two hours and indeed over ran. It was a very ambitious agenda and some of it got lost out of time. That is not a criticism in any way and I’m sure those involved will take that onboard for the future. It was a very interesting Forum organised by Community Action Fareham who also provided a light lunch and tea and coffee: So many thanks to Paul O’Beirne and Laura George and many others who must have worked very hard to get it all together.

Report by Michael Stephenson


£1.3m pilot scheme unveiled to boost services at Fareham Community Hospital


The News article If you read the article it makes you wonder just how many more levels of profit taking there are in our publically funded National Health Service - The building is owned and managed by LiftCo, a private company (how much do they charge to change a light bulb?) - The Community Health Partnerships – a Department of Health body - who work with Solent Community Solutions (SCS) another private company, pay rent to them and then the services are paid for by the Fareham & Gosport Clinical Commisioning Group. I wonder how much would be saved if the building were actually owned by the CCG and all of the intermediate profits were saved?

Considering the fact that our CCG is already £10M in debt (see the article immediately below this one), how much of this £1.3M will be siphoned off to help clear the deficit, possibly like Southampton General having their rates hiked by 30% or £610,000. As an NHS hospital they pay FULL business rates, had they been a private company they would have received an 80% reduction, See the article lower down

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The News icon Link to the The News article




Governing Body Meeting
January 18th 2017 – Ferneham Hall

This is the first time I have ever attended a public meeting of the CCG and I have to say it is not something I would like to do frequently. It went on for approximately four hours and was full of jargon and often unfathomable abbreviations – even with my NHS background. The governing body is well populated – at least 20 members representing different bodies and interests. Just for the record FBC was represented by Cllr Bayford - so there is no excuse for FBC to not knowing what is going on! Most of the ‘public’ attending – less than 20 – seemed to have an interest professionally or through voluntary services. The number of merely interested spectators you could count on one hand.

The meeting started with a member of the governing body outlining something called an STP – a Sustainability Transformation Plan. The object of the STP is to try to bring under control a CCG deficit of a projected £10million over the coming year or so. This will eventually have to be paid back so the implications of that are obvious – Cuts and big changes are in the pipeline under the five year STP. Even the CCG admit that this plan is extremely ambitious with no guarantees of success. After what I sat through you can say that again. To be fair to the CCG, I think they are faced with an impossible task. It would seem that the CCG largely hope to achieve this by redefining roles and by making better use of resources. The representative (Richard Samuel) went on to explain that there is a shortfall of human resources in many disciplines – not the least in GPs. Other specialities suffer too – like specialist nurses etc. These comments also encompassed a lack of training in many sectors of the NHS. GPs are leaving in quite large numbers and many are going overseas. I did discuss this with a GP. Not wishing to be too controversial he virtually acknowledged that many good UK doctors are being lost overseas and may be replaced by less than adequate doctors coming the other way: Hmm. Richard Samuels admitted that needs are not being met. He went on to say that it was the wish of the CCG to engage local people in the process. I think he probably had professionals and voluntary workers in mind rather that the general public. He spoke about aspects of services going online whilst acknowledging that this would not suit everyone. He expressed the concern that people are not being cared for appropriately. Children with mental health issues were specifically mentioned when they are moved around the country because of the lack of places in their locality. I guess this is one of the downsides to centralising some aspects of care in certain hospitals or areas. This bought an interjection from a CCG member who expressed her concerns about patients/clients, call them what you will, being moved up and down the M27 with its associated problems concerning congestion etc. Concerns in acute services remain unresolved. There is an acute lack of mental health care beds. I asked about this and it was talked about with reference to the governments promise to put more money into health care. There was much scepticism about this and to be honest things do not look good in this respect. Welborne was brought up by a member of the public. Welborne will come under the West Hants CCG - whose headquarters are currently in Eastleigh. Nevertheless, it was acknowledged by the Fareham & Gosport CCG that Welborne WILL have an impact on acute services –

and that must mean QA and the like.

One member of the CCG expressed concerns that government policies are actually making people ill: I assumed by that she was talking about cutbacks in welfare payments – such as to the disabled etc, and withdrawing support where it is desperately needed putting added pressure on those already at risk. It was also expressed that Housing Associations are not helping by cutting back on help for what they deem to be undesirable tenants – at least I think that was being implied.

Southern Health Foundation Trust also cropped up. An outside consultancy has been employed to undertake a review of their services. So still problems there. There are problems at Elmleigh Mental Health Care Unit at Havant. This is run by Southern Health so no further comment required methinks.

QA was talked about. Whilst A&E has improved it was still at risk. There was also a report about SCAS – the South Coast Ambulance Service. The lady delivering this report tried to put on a brave show but this brought scepticism from one CCG member. I don’t think it helped when she made comments like ‘ambulances queuing outside A&E could be just waiting for their next job’. She didn’t mention lack of ambulance staff and the need to employ private ambulances - nice try lady!! Bed-blocking was mentioned. It was acknowledged that care beds in the community are just not there. This was a social services issue (Nobody was there to speak up for them) but again this was laid fairly at the door of cutbacks.

The 111 Service. The feed back from this service was very, very small and this seemed to cause concern.

This has really been a very brief summary of what was a lengthy meeting. Overall, I don’t think it is unfair to say that the picture painted was, in many respects, quite dire. Any hopes some may hold that the clinic at Park Gate – often referred to as the Fareham Community Hospital – will expand are fooling themselves, it will remain just that, a glorified clinic. There is NO money: By saying that I imply absolutely no criticism of the people who work there currently. I think generally, government claims that more money is being ploughed into the NHS was largely discredited insofar as the figures they often give are far from the truth. A figure of .3 million pounds was quoted as being invested (somewhere) by the Fareham & Gosport CCG. Sounded good, but as one member of the public pointed out this is actually £330,000 set against £500,000 of under-investment in the past in the particular area. At those figures the CCG is not even treading water. There are so many unfunded costs it is difficult to see how any services could function effectively – and they patently don’t. I think it is quite obvious that in many areas of the NHS – locally and elsewhere – the services are kept going by the sheer hard work and goodwill of those that work in them –

with little support from government.

How they keep going at the level they do is a minor miracle.

  1. The CCG is under funded (their comment not mine) and needs are not being met. For some reason – not fully explained – this CCG receives less funding than CCGs elsewhere. This appeared to have nothing to do with demographics.
  2. Welborne WILL have an impact on acute services (again their words not mine). There is a shortage of GPs nationwide and that will not change to any helpful degree in the near future – if ever. The CCG will have to work with what they have by redefining the role of GPs and offloading some of their workload elsewhere. GP services are expected to be cut by 30% in the future. So this really doesn't bode well for Welborne.
  3. Despite improvements at QA A&E is still at risk. Discharging patients is a problem because there is nowhere to discharge them too. Beds in the community and in care homes are just not there. Interestingly, as far as I was aware, Social Services do not have a representative on the CCG: Seems a bit odd. One member of the CCG even went as far as to blame government polices for actually making people ill!
  4. Mental Health care is woeful. Despite the government promise to put money into mental health care it seems the universal response to this is one of scepticism and disbelieve. And that is from the professionals.

Overall, despite the CCGs efforts to put as much gloss on proceedings as they could, it was fairly plain that local health services are in a great deal of difficulty – and that isn’t going to change at any time soon.


Did you know that hospitals paid rates?


"The national tax hike is expected to have a serious impact on hospitals such as Southampton General. Its annual bill will jump from £1.92 million to £2.53 million, leaving it with £600,000 a year less to spend on patients.

Last night Cllr Dave Shields, Southampton City Council’s Cabinet member for health, said: “It seems bizarre that private hospitals are exempt from business rates and NHS ones aren’t - it’s an anomaly the government needs to sort out.

“I believe NHS hospitals should be treated in the same way as private ones that have charitable status.”

Personally, I find it bizarre that they pay any rates at all - talk about giving with one hand and taking with the other, it's not in it. Daily Echo icon Link to The Daily Echo article


Now is our chance to have our say on Fareham’s NHS service


Survey to have say on Fareham’s NHS service

Whether it will have any effect waits to be seen. The survey actually seems more about how many of the GP services can be passed onto the now underfunded pharmacists.

Interestingly 25% of the questions relate to ethnicity, religion, sexuality and whether or not you have a disability. Why is it important for them to know your ethnic origin, sexuality, religion or disability - do these have an effect on health provision? If you need to see a medical professional then you need to see a medical professional no matter what your colour, creed or sexual orientation.

The ten GP practices in Fareham, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Fareham and Gosport CCG and the voluntary sector are working together to improve local services. Your views can help us to ensure these services meet your needs.

Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and the voluntary sector have joined forces to produce a 20-question online survey.

The survey is available NHS icon here

The News icon Link to The News article


Plan shows how Hampshire will plug £577m funding gap for healthcare


"Richard Samuel, who is leading the Hampshire STP, said: ‘The STP is effectively the coming together of all the local plans that have been developed in local places. It’s about trying to fix the things that can be fixed on a bigger scale.’

"Dr Iain Maclennan, a former GP in Portsmouth, said the plan was a roundabout way of delivering more cuts to health services.
‘Overall, I am not encouraged by it,’ he said.
‘It is the last in a long leg of stages that will lead towards the full privatisation of the NHS. I appreciate that times are changing and we have got to move with the times and the situation we have today with people getting older and sicker is quite different.’"

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MPs meet with Southern Health


Fareham MP Suella Fernandes said: ‘Southern Health has faced huge challenges. There were serious doubts about its governance so I welcome the news that improvements have been made and I hope this will continue.

So that's alright then but no information on what improvements have been made.

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The new A&E Delivery Board


The News icon Link to The News article

One heading in the article is FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE HEALTHCARE IS IN THE COMMUNITY but the thing that seems to be missing is how they intend to address the problem of another 60,000 plus houses due to be built in its catchment area.



Fareham MP wants investment in community hospital


Quote from Cllr. Woodward "As previously reported in The News, leader of Fareham Borough Council Sean Woodward is keen to see the hospital used for more services.

He said: ‘In Fareham we have seen a lot of hospitals closing.

‘Fareham Community Hospital is probably the most under-used, under-utilised health facility in the south.

‘Half the hospital isn’t used and there is space about the same size of the site right next to it which I want to see used for expansion."
The News icon Link to The News article


QA has a duty to cope


Fareham council leader says NHS has a duty to provide healthcare even when more houses are built

How arrogant can one man get?

The News icon  Link to The News article


Ambulances queuing again at QA Hospital


44% of East Hampshire's ambulances now queuing outside QA

What a shame that QA couldn't keep up the service levels that they achieved on 16-08-2016 for very long and now it looks as if it is actually causing problems on the roads as well. "The road leading to the emergency department in Cosham has been closed except to allow ambulances through"

This doesn't bode well for the winter

The News icon  Link to The News article


QA Hospital placed on black alert as A&E sees rise in attendances


and of course we can cope with another 120,000 houses

"...there are also minor injury units available if your injury is not serious.

‘This will allow our emergency department staff to concentrate on people with serious, life-threatening conditions and will save a potential long wait.’

And of course we have a building that is underused and could well offer another minor injuries unit sitting at the 'Fareham Community Clinic Hospital' but they can't afford to open it. Quote from the last page of the minutes of the Friends of Fareham Hospital meeting
"Apparently there were originally plans for beds but it was felt that there would be insufficient call for them when the unit was first developed. There is though, a facility for a minor injuries unit but it would is too expensive for services to use, apart from which there would need to be a few beds for overnight stabilisation. Sara Tiller said that if they can become the sole lessee then that could be unlocked and the costs could then be charged against Southern Health."

The News icon  Link to The News article


notes from the Friends - CCG meeting on 29-09-2016


Community Hospital

Having attended the meeting sans recording equipment it was pretty difficult to give an absolute true record of what was said but I have attempted to do my best.

There were a lot of interesting comments made by the two presenters but because of this there was only time for a few questions. One of the prime questions to my mind that was missed was the inaccessiblity of the place with absolutely NO public transport available. So it's fine for those that are capable and have a car but anybody else is going to need a taxi - joined up thinking or what.

My report is available here PDF Icon PDF File 947KB


refusal to video meeting


I have been refused permission to video the presentation by the CCG at the Friends of Fareham Community Hospital meeting on 29th September. Whether this is at the behest of the Friends or the CCG I am not sure, but it does make one wonder if somebody, somewhere is afraid that their words may go on record - rather like their bed blocking and patient discharge videos or for some other reason I know not.  Youtube icon(see the various videos on the videos page).

Shame really that we will be deprived of the record but ce'st la vie.


38 Degrees investigation into health cuts


38 Degrees icon Link to the 38 Degrees petition

Here's what our investigation found for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight:

BREAKING: our people-powered investigation has uncovered Jeremy Hunt’s secret plans for our NHS. [1] So far, these plans - drawn up for every single area across England - have been kept under wraps. That changes today.

Here's what our investigation found for Hampshire and the Isle of Wight: These plans are huge and complicated. Together we’ve started to shed light on them. But we just don’t know enough yet. [2] If we want to have our say on our local NHS services before it’s too late, we need to see every detail.

The next step is to take this to our MPs. They’ll be concerned about changes to the NHS too. If MP after MP puts pressure on Jeremy Hunt, it could be enough to force him into publishing his full plans for our NHS.

So will you sign the petition asking Suella Fernandes to lift the lid on the plans for the NHS in your area?

Right now these plans force local NHS leaders to make impossible decisions to save money. But they could be so much better. Imagine an NHS with state-of-the-art technology, and doctors and nurses who have the time to look after every single patient properly. An NHS that puts patients before budget cuts.

So 38 Degrees members are building a massive people-powered campaign across the country. From Liverpool to Canterbury, York to Leicester, 38 Degrees members in every area are demanding we see the full plans and get the chance to have our say on them. Together, we’re saying that patients - not politicians - should decide the future of our NHS.

Will you join thousands of other people and call on your MP to demand that these secret plans for our local NHS are out in the open?

We’re already making progress together. Already, a quarter of a million of us have signed the petition calling on Jeremy Hunt to lift the lid on the plans. [3] And thousands of us chipped in to fund the people-powered investigation that’s splashed all over the media today. [4]

38 Degrees icon Link to the 38 Degrees petition

Some of these plans for our NHS are downright scary. From the proposed closure of an A&E in The Black Country to hospital wards in Leeds, these plans will mean a different NHS for all of us. [5] A lot’s still unknown - and it’s up to us to find out the truth.

PS: Thousands of 38 Degrees members chipped in to pay for an expert investigation to get the scoop on what the plans look like. The experts looked at everything they could find about the plans in every single area, to give us the information you see in this email. But lots is still unclear, and some areas haven’t released any details about their plans to the public.

  1. 38 Degrees blog: Is our NHS at risk of cuts? NHS England’s “Sustainability and Transformation Plans” explained:
  2. 38 Degrees blog: The 38 Degrees crowdfunded investigation into secret NHS plans:
  3. 38 Degrees petition: Jeremy Hunt - Reveal your plans for the NHS:
  4. BBC: NHS cuts 'planned across England':
  5. The Guardian: NHS plans radical cuts to fight growing deficit in health budget:


good news from Queen Alexandra Hospital.


At least there is some good news from QA - triage times have been reduced thereby reducing the waiting times for unloading ambulances.

The News icon  Link to The News article

Unfortunately to offset this, waiting times for patients for May and June never managed to get above 82% despite the Government set target of 90%. At least the Government have, I believe, stopped fining them for missed targets so the money that they would have taken from the ratepayer funded Trust will now be able to be used to try and improve their performance.


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