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Planning applications approved and in the pipeline

The following maps showing the status of developments have created from the planning documents filed with FBC from around the beginning of 2015. The sites shown are purely for new residential builds, it does not include extensions, replacement dwellings or industrial changes.

For your information these are the compilations that I created and from which I worked. I cannot guarantee that I have caught ALL of the applications but have done the best that I can. The rejected applications were only started at the beginning of January 2017 as that was when I first thought that the history of these sites might prove of interest in the future.

It seems as if there is now just one field in the Greenaway Lane area left for a planning application. Surely it won't be long now before the whole area is under concrete. Maybe we should rename Warsash to Warsash Garden Village, after all it seems as if it will be competing with Welborne for such a title. Shame is that at least Welborne should have the additional infrastructure necessary unlike Warsash where the houses will be just stuffed in and may the devil take the hindmost.

Approved planning applications 
PDF format or download Excel file
Undecided planning applications PDF format or download Excel file
Refused planning applications PDF format or download Excel file
SHLAA Sites PDF format from FBC Website

Click anywhere in the map to enlarge.

Development map

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Approved developments Undecided developments
Approved sites Undecided sites
Refused developments Appealed developments
Refused sites Appealed sites
SHLAA Sites Fareham and neighbouring Winchester Sites
SHLAA sites Fareham and neighbouring Winchester Sites

07-08-2018 - Update on the Hampshire Rose site:

Well they have now completed the reptile survey, I wonder how accurate it was since apparently it started as the beginning of this hot spell when, as far as I was aware, reptiles tend to stay well out of the way rather than fry themselves. They found some lizards and a large lounge of 100 or so slow worms so a very large lounge, still they have had a fair few years to multiply. They have said that they are going to relocate them to Funtley Meadow once they have caught them all.

The picture is of the work they carried out on Saturday, presumably so that they could get into the site, not too sure how they managed previous visits as it really was an overgrown jungle.

preparation work for the reptile survey

Pavement parking on the rise in Fareham due to limited household spaces

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