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portchester. windmill grove


Windmill Grove Site Plan

©Barratt Homes

Planning application

Windmill Grove Planning layout

©Cross Stone Urban Regeneration

2 - 2 bed bungalow

1 - 3 bed bungalow

4 - 3/4 bed dormer bungalow

17 - 3 bed house

No affordable homes

A decision on this development for 25 homes needs to be made by 31-01-2016 otherwise, presumably, it will lapse and they will need to start all over again

Planning decision deferred


There are concerns over the possibilty of coastal erosion and that if houses were to be built here then some may be uninhabitable in a relatively short time unless more is done to strengthen the coastal defences. "We all agree that something badly needs to be done in terms of development on this site, but we need to make sure there’s an agreement in place between the developers and the council to stop the council spending million on repairing flood defences.’

Councillor Shaun Cunningham, who also represents Portchester East said: ‘It is right that the council asked for a contribution.'"

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