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Expanding business park brings concern over A32 traffic


Councillor Mark Hook, leader of Gosport Borough Council, believes the road [A32] is capable of handling increased traffic given the size of a businesses that was once based in the area.

The difference was that the road was not used during the best part of the day when a single company was there. Everybody was there by 09:00 and stayed there until 17:00. All I can say is that I am glad that I don't need to use this road very often.

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Why did they close the M27?


M27 traffic queueYou Tube icon Link to 1 minute video

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Daily Echo icon Link to the Daily Echo article It came as the M27 and A31 were named among the UK’s worst congestion hotspots over the Bank Holiday weekend, with average delays of 50 minutes expected.

I know that there was an overturned caravan on the A31 Romanse reported at 10:02 (perhaps their clocks are wrong) although I was going East on it at about 10:30 and didn't see anything and there was no real hold-up. But this video was taken at 18:18 so I really don't know what was going on, but why did they close the M27 jnc 2 to 1. I heard on the radio that it was to make the diversion work better but what about all the poor drivers trying to go North of the A31 towards Verwood and Fordingbridge.

The queue starts at Jnc 2 and lasts all the way to the M3 flyover. Thank goodness I was coming home.

The video has been speeded up to 10 times normal just to make it sensible to post here.


I thought that they were doing something about Speedfields Park


I needed to pop into B & M and Wickes and thought that a quarter past three on a Monday afternoon would be a good time - WRONG.
When is FBC or is it HCC going to sort this mess out? At the last CAT meeting our Executive Leader (no longer in charge of transport) said that nothing was going to happen with the A32 as it was too difficult, but I am sure something could be done to relieve this can of worms.

Video trying to exit Speedfields Park


Another member with good ideas


Another member has been in contact with the HCC Roads Department with ideas about Speedfields Park. This has been acknowledged by the Strategic Transport Manager at HCC but he has, as yet, received no formal reponse to his ideas.

Adobe Reader Icon pdf file here.(PDF 167KB 1 page)

If I remember correctly there was going to be another enquiry into the problems caused by the "improvements" to this junction, but it all seems to have gone very quiet again.


£25,000,000 pledged only another £55,000,000 or so to go


Daily Echo icon   Politicians hail £25m pledge to end traffic misery with Stubbington Bypass and M27 works

And even if and when the additional funding is available, it will only address the current situation - slightly. Then when we get the extra 10,000 houses we will need to do it all again but will there be the land to available in between all of the houses?


Hampshire transport chiefs have scaled back controversial limits to road improvements.


Daily Echo icon "Smaller councils will now be handed powers to install signs, bollards and other minor measures.

The cost-cutting proposals, which come into force on Wednesday (June 1), were amended after critics warned that roadworks would not be done until it was too late."

Town halls have cautiously welcomed the move but questioned whether they can afford to fund their own changes.

Transport boss Rob Humby said prioritising areas with proven safety issues will mean dwindling budgets are spent efficiently.

He said: “I completely understand that local communities value traffic calming and traffic management measures in towns and villages across Hampshire."

So it looks as if that is ANOTHER charge on the Council Tax Payer. It's not really a cost-cutting measure, the works will still need to be done but the cost will just come out of a different Council Tax pot.
Let us just hope that FBC do the sensible thing and keep unneccessary road signage off of the agenda.


Traffic queues


Michael Stephenson has also created a very useful map highlighting the traffic jam hot spots in part of our borough, hopefully he will manage to find the time to expand the map over the entire borough, I know how time consuming this can be, but I thought that it was quite interesting to compare it to the map showing the history of our roads since 1913.

traffic queues


Station upgrade

The final instalment to our member's comments on traffic is now here


After our member's well received comments to Hampshire Count Council have attracted much good attention, he has received a final response from the Hampshire Roads Services Department.
I have updated the page with these comments are they are available at this page.
The full documentation is available as a Adobe Reader Icon pdf file here.(PDF 482KB 15 pages)


A layman's take on the A27


Station upgradeAbout a month ago, one of the Inform Fareham members did something quite unusual, he looked at the current road infrastructure and at the plans that Hampshire County Council have made in addressing the problem and came up with some suggestions of his own. As a complete layman with absolutely no experience of such matters I read through them and they seemed to make a lot of sense so I thought that it might be a good idea to share them with everybody else.

He then e-mailed his thoughts to the Senior Transport Officer at Hampshire County Council. See this document for what happened then (it’s fairly long but extremely interesting reading).
Because of it's length I have put it on a separate page here.

Any further developments will be posted to the web page.

The full documentation is available as a Adobe Reader Icon pdf file here.(PDF 482KB 15 pages)


Newgate Lane and A32 see a total of 6,000 days of roadworks in just four years


And the traffic flow is now no better, in fact probably worse, than it was before they started and to really cap it all off - the following quote from this article

"Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council, said a £90m package of improvements would eliminate all bottlenecks in the area."

I wonder for how long that will eliminate all bottlenecks? Newgate Lane South is being 'upgraded' to another single cariageway so there will be no more space for traffic and there is nothing that can be done at the Quay Street roundabout end of things so no matter how much time and money is spent on these roads the prime pinch point will still exist.

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The way forward?


The latest plans to improve mobility in the area seem to be starting to take shape - once again grand schemes for the area but will they have any effect on the people that are expected to use them?

If the outcome is anything like the public transport that currently exists in the area, fares will be too high, frequency will be too low and transit times too slow. Probably, just like HS2, once they start on it they will run out of funding and decide to cut the number of stations being built and it won't be adequate for the 61,000 jobs but 100,000 house due to be built in our area.

Quote from our ex HCC head of transport, etc. etc. "‘It’s a very important aspirational document.

‘It’s not set in stone with the highways authority yet but it is very important as it highlights the issues, such as travelling between Portsmouth and Southampton.

‘If the road network is slow and the rail journey is slow then it does not help business.

Infrastructure is critical for business.’

Isn't that what we have been saying for ages now but our Council seem to keep going for the development before infrastructure route.

The News icon  Plan to improve Portsmouth transport unveiled today

The News icon  Praise for plan to ease congestion in the Solent area


Traffic lights


MPs have suggested, in the nicest possible way, that local councils shoud try turning traffic lights OFF to ease congestion and also that they are fleecing motorists as they have an "anti-car" attitude.
"The measures are 'over the top', with officials going 'too far' at a 'massive cost to the people', according to Grant Shapps, chair of the British Infrastructure Group (BIG) of MPs, which issued the study.
'The current attitude seems to be in favour of ever increasing numbers of traffic lights and making it as difficult as possible to be a motorist, particularly in cities.'"
He just missed saying in Fareham as well.

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Road history


Out of interest I obtained a map of the Fareham area published by the Ordnance Survey Office in 1876, revised in 1903 with minor modifications in 1913.

I then ovelayed the roads shown on this map on a modern day screen grab from Google Maps - ALL of the roads that existed in 1913 are shown in red - on top of these I coloured blue the major throughfares that I know of that have been built since then and traced the estate roads that have been added in black. Obviously there will always be some contention as to whether a road is a thoroughfare or an estate road - Longfield Avenue for example. I have tried to be as objective as possible and there are bound to be mistakes when attempting something like this, especially as I have only lived here for about 35 years so don't really know much of the history.

When you consider that the population of the area was minute in comparison to today and the existence of motorised transport was virtually non-existent, it is a wonder that so few thoroughfares have been added. This is what is meant when the comment is made that the required infrastructure does not exist and that plans are not being made to allow for the additional 10,000 houses now to be built here. A 2036 town built on 1913 infrastructure.

If anybody knows of missing 1913 roads, let me know and I shall attempt to add them. As the old map is 1 inch to 1 mile, detail is pretty sparse and I have had to interpret some parts, but I think that the basics of the map are correct.

historical road outlines


South East given £8.3M to beat potholes


Announcing the funding, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said yesterday: “Almost every journey starts and ends on a local road, so the government is giving councils in the South East £8.3million specifically to tackle the blight of potholes in their area."

That is assuming that other drivers will give way and let them out of their local road and onto the main highways once the roads are having to cope with the additional 100,000 houses planned for our area.
Just think how Newgate Lane is at the moment and there was no new development there.

I wonder how they will split this money if South Hampshire is devolved from the rest of the South East?

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Are the wheels starting to fall off the juggernaut?


IFA2 decision

Would this have happened if PUSH had control of the Motorways in Hampshire? Will it have a knock-on affect Junction 10 or turning the M27 into a "smart" motorway?

At least nobody in power can say that Inform Fareham weren't trying to warn that this sort of thing will happen.

Picture shows M27 Jnc9 Westbound slip 09:20 23-11-2015

Click picture to enlarge.

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M27 jams after crash on 05-11-2015.


M27 pile up

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A 'Smart' Motorway won't help this sort of situation.

Luckily nobody was injured.


Hampshire County Council changes to highway environmental work


The proposed changes to the way highways environmental work is carried out, and on which the County Council is seeking residents' views, are:

Further dimming, longer hours of dimming, or turning off street lights between certain hours

Reducing the number of times the grass is cut in rural and / or urban areas, or stopping grass cutting

Reducing the number of times a year that weeds are treated along the highway, or stopping weed killing

pdf icon HCC Highways maintenance Consultation Document - PDF File 468kb

The outcome of this survey is due to be published to our Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Councillor Seán Woodward on 19 January 2016


Transport bosses to sample A32 gridlock


Been doing some digging on traffic accidents and I noticed this wonderful article Daily Echo logo

Shame that I couldn't find what the outcome of the visit was but whatever it was it didn't seem to achieve very much.


It proves that we are still really living in the last century, situation hasn't changed that much

Delme Arms 1970ish

Delme Arms in the 70's

The News logo Clipping from The News of 22 May 1964

New Chairman plans attack on Fareham’s road chaos

Fareham Urban Council’s new chairman, Mr. C. V. Collins, said yesterday that he hoped to tackle the town’s chaotic traffic problems during his year of office

He told Fareham Rotarians and their wives at the Club’s Civic Day luncheon: “The Fareham of the present is almost chaos. Traffic which is increasing so much seems to be the main problem and it is getting wors

“I hope to push the job along during the year and tackle the problem.”

Mr. Collins said there was a need for car-parking facilities in the town and the Council proposed to to provide the car parks at Cawte’s Place and Westbury House


He said that the A27 road was also a big problem and there was a lot more work to be done to the road in the Titchfield area.

Dealing with the town’s central redevelopment area Mr. Collins said: “We must have a town centre map as a long term guide, and at Wednesday’s annual meeting we decided to send the draft map to the County Council for approval.

“It will affect many people, but the effect will be for the better. It is a ‘must,’ and I hope work will start on the scheme in a year or two.”

Mr. W. Tatford (President), who introduced Mr. Collins, described him as a man of “wide experience in many ways.”

“To become Chairman of the Council is not an easy matter. You are there to be fired at. I think it is very courageous. You need all the support we can give you” he added.

Fareham councillor, Mr. T. G. Swinburne who is a Rotarian thanked Mr Collins and congratulated him on his election to “the hot seat.”

On behalf of the wives , Mrs. D. Tatford (President of Fareham Inner Wheel Club), thanked Rotarians for their invitation to the luncheon.

pdf icon A PDF file is available here