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Suella is re-elected


The result of last night's election leaves Suella as our MP with an increas in her majority of 7%.

See for full details


Electoral boundary reforms


I wasn't too sure where to put this link, the Home page, Devolution or here but as it's to do with local constituency boundaries I finally plumped for here. The words are those in the The News but I didn't think that it was worth adding a link just to read this. If you want to see the comments then the The News icon  link is here

existing boundaries proposed boundaries
Existing Boundaries Initial proposals

A SECOND public consultation has opened over plans to redraw parliamentary constituency boundaries as part of electoral reforms.

It follows a decision to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650.

The biggest local reform would see Meon Valley scrapped and its voters moved to either Fareham, Winchester or the East Hampshire constituencies. More minor plans have been unveiled to tweak the Portsmouth North and South constituencies.

Quite what area the Meon Valley consists of is completely unclear but would it make sense to combine a basically urban constituency with a basically rural one. The requirements from an MP are completely different. Possibly bringing Knowle into the Fareham demesne might make sense but I don't think that that is in the plan.

To have a say, visit Boundary Commision icon


Suella's reply


Reply to the e-mail below from Suella's senior case worker.

Many thanks for your email to Suella. I do hope to have some useful information for you.

Suella holds surgeries once a month on a Friday and has done so since October 2015. Due to the horrific murder of Jo Cox MP at a drop in surgery, these must be booked in advance and the exact location is now only given to those with an appointment. They are therefore advertised as, for example, below:

Surgery Friday 20th January, Fareham North. Surgery Friday 24th February, Whiteley.

Posters advertising these surgeries are on display in over 100 locations across the constituency, such as community centres, GP surgeries, libraries, police stations, schools, parish halls and numerous shops. In addition, Suella’s newsletter advertises of these on a monthly basis.

Surgeries are used to discuss individual casework matters, for instance a person’s difficulty with HMRC, Pension payments, or access to medical care or schools.

Coffee events are used to discuss policy issues such as those you mention. These have been held regularly, with the last being held in November and being advertised in the InTouch magazine, delivered to every household in the constituency. The next coffee morning is to be held on Friday 17th March 2017, 11-12:30 at Titchfield Community Centre.

In addition, Suella holds group meetings on current topics, such as the Broadband Meeting, held in October and the EU meeting held in June. These are often advertised in the local press too.

Events such as coffee mornings and meetings can be found at:

I do hope this information helps.

Kindest regards,

I must admit I don't remember her In Touch magazine but that may be my fault and perhaps I ought to be more careful about sorting my junk mail in future. I shall now attempt to add these dates to the diary page for future reference.

Suella's surgeries


Sent to Suella today

Good day

I remember at the end of your first year as the Parliamentary representative for Fareham you said that you were going The News icon to hold local surgeries.

Now that Welborne, Newlands, Cranleigh Road, Brook Lane, Stubbington By-pass and other development schemes are coming very close in time I am sure that many of your constituents would welcome the resumption of this idea as it seems to have died of late, either that or the advertising of such surgeries is so bad that very few people are aware of them. As I am sure you must be aware – great concern is being raised about the local ambulance service, Queen Alexandra Hospital’s seeming inability with the current population, lack of care for the elderly and infirm, etc. it would be very nice to have your views on how these can start to be resolved. Nothing more seems to have happened at Fareham Community Hospital despite your support for extending the services that are supplied there.

If you do intend to resume these meetings and would care to let me know when and where these surgeries will be, I shall ensure that they are published on the Inform Fareham website for the wider dissemination of the your constituents, a suggestion that they might be held in popular, easily accessible places like the library, or even the Council Offices has been made – I just pass this idea on with no great thought on my part.

A reply at your convenience would be greatly appreciated

Yours sincerely

I shall post her reply as soon as it arrives.


Reply from HCC about 'fridges


pdf icon A reply to my FOI request was received from Waste and Resource Management at Hampshire County Council. Whilst the immediate problem has been resolved, to quote from the reply "The underlying national situation in terms of the processing capacity, whilst improving, still exists within the UK and the concerns about the targets and financial structures within the WEEE system remain. With this in mind there is some concern remaining for the County Council that there is a risk that the situation may arise again and as a result the County Council is still maintaining temporary contingency arrangements to mitigate this in the future." So there could well still be a problem but at least we can now dispose of the old hardware.

So far it has cost our council £20,000. Although the Council admit that the problem should truly be placed at the feet of DEFRA, just like all other central Governement services, they seem to be trying to not want to accept their financial responsibilities and passing it onto the local Council Tax payers.

The News icon Link to The News article


Fareham MP wants investment in community hospital


"I spoke with the prime minister about how expansion and investment in Fareham Community Hospital so it has greater service provision could ease some of these pressures"

During the meeting with Theresa May, the Fareham MP said more drop-in facilities were needed in the town.

She said: 'I know many people have been concerned with the issues at QA Hospital and GP appointment waiting times.'"

The News icon Link to The News article


Suella's reply about fridges


I received this reply from Suella today so it looks as if the Environment Agency were aware of the problem.

As far as recycling to save the environment is concerned though, transporting fridges and freezers from one end of the country to the other (something over 600 miles) seems slightly off course. They have kindly allowed HCC additional temporary storage but seem to still be expecting HCC to investigate new ways to deal with the problem.

This is not a local issue, it has been caused by the EA allowing the WEEE compliance system to fail and not checking that primary legislation was being enforced. If HCC must find alternatives then by default all other authorities (except those in Perth) must also need to find alternative solutions.

Once again HMG passing legislation and then passing the problems that THEY cause onto local councils to sort out but at who's cost? No different really to our Executive Leader passing the problem of health transport and education to the relevant governing bodies and saying that it is their DUTY to sort the mess out.


Suella beards the PM about the M27


PM urged to spend millions to fix traffic problems on M27

"During face-to-face talks in the House of Commons the Conservative MP asked Mrs May to ease traffic around junction 11 – the Fareham turn off – on the motorway."

She's right about one thing - all of the development going planned around J10 is a real turn-off. It's been going on for so long and the reason for it is so unwanted that I am afraid that it is starting to turn many people off.

daily echo icon Link to The Daily Echo article
the news icon Link to The News article

Suella might be there


Received yeterday in response to my e-mail about disposal of fridges and freezers.

"Thank you for your email.

Suella appreciates that this is a difficult situation and has asked that I contact you to advise that your concern is being investigated. Please be assured that she will reply to you as soon as she receives further information. Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience in this matter.

Kind regards

Obviously sent from a minion so she may be there or she may not.


Senior Citizen's fair


Received in an e-mail today

I am writing to let you know about my Senior Citizens' Fair.

All too often we hear about the problems that can accompany the ageing process, including loneliness and isolation, and in my opinion all too little is being done to tackle these issues. I have therefore decided to host a fair to bring together the huge variety of interests and activity groups we have in our community, enabling people to browse these at leisure and chat with representatives of different organisations. Age should not be a barrier to social participation and I am hoping that the event will be the first of many more to come during my time as Member of Parliament.

The event will be held on Friday 25th November 2016 between 3-5:30pm at St. John The Evangelist Church Hall, 1 Upper Saint Michaels Grove, Fareham, PO14 1DN.

A variety of organisations will be represented including; health and fitness, hobbies, voluntary services, home support, financial and bereavement services. emonstrations will be held on stage as well as a coffee and cake session with me so as residents of all ages can have a chat to their MP. Many activities will be on offer such as physiotherapy and sports massage tasters, tailored advice from a Pharmacist, a Zumba Gold taster class aimed at those over 55 and information on illness prevention/support from various charities. Local clubs will be demonstrating activities for people to get involved with such as knitting, arts and crafts and the 'Men's Shed.' A travel company will also be on hand to help residents find their perfect getaway, specialising in coach holidays for senior citizens.

Admittance to the fair is free and there is plenty of onsite parking. The hall is also located on the main bus routes and is not far from Fareham Station. A list of confirmed stallholders and more detailed information as to demonstrations and the coffee, cake and chat session is available on my website

I do hope to see you, your family and friends there.

Well I suppose that it's one way of keeping in touch but it would be nice to have a constituency surgery as she promised, but then it was an MPs promise.


Can anybody contact Suella?


I have now sent this e-mail twice to her address with no response so have now sent it to her address.

Could you please tell me what the action the Government is taking over this? It would seem that not only are we paying for the basic waste collection and storage costs but now also for additional storage facilities because the manufacturers are not maintaining their part of the WEEE regulations. Will our councils be able to reclaim these additional costs or are council tax payers going to have to cover these additional costs?

This problem needs to be resolved very swiftly as our council has started to charge for certain forms of rubbish to be deposited at their sites and now they are saying that they can no longer accept refrigerators and freezers it is bound to increase fly-tipping, where are households supposed to store their old appliances? Would you suggest that as the contract that we have entered into with the retailer should cover the disposal that we just take the old appliances back to them and make them store them instead?


There is a national scheme put in place by the manufacturers, and regulated by the Government to address the management of end of life fridges and freezers. This dates from the concerns identified a number of years ago over CFC gases in the coolant and insulation on fridges and freezers, which requires them to be de-constructed in a controlled environment.

The responsibility for the safe disposal of redundant fridges and freezers rests with the manufacturers who have been required to set up a scheme to collect and deal with such appliances. Hampshire County Council, like many county councils, has continued to accept these appliances at their waste centres for collection and disposal through the manufacturer’s scheme, so householders are not inconvenienced.

However the national scheme has now effectively ground to a halt, as a result of inadequate re-processing capacity, a machinery failure at one plant, and very limited storage organised by the manufacturer’s scheme, leaving councils across the country with hundreds of redundant fridges and freezers filling up their waste centres, and with escalating costs for temporary storage, even if it can be found and agreed with the Environment Agency.

Until the Manufacturers act to resolve this, I regret to say that, with over 2,500 fridges already filling our HWRCs and all the extra storage we’ve been able to provide, we are rapidly approaching full capacity, and the scheme’s ‘emergency’ collections have not happened on anything like a sufficient scale over the last week or so to relieve the continuing build up as high numbers of units continue to be brought in. Hampshire County Council's daily update has now indicated that it we are at the point where it has almost exhausted our storage capacity. Given the fact that we are now starting the weekend, and we are expecting more units to come in, we are likely to put a formal no more fridges/freezers message out next week. In the meantime the council has issued a press statement to advise residents along these lines and to explain why there is a problem (we have also identified the need for Government as the regulator of the scheme to take action to get the manufacturers to resolve the problem).

Over the weekend the council is maintaining its existing approach which basically asks people to call HWRCs in advance to make sure they can accept their fridge/freezer; but residents may potentially be turned away at some sites.


Transcript of the debate held at Westminster on Southern Health NHS Trust Foundation Trust


Link to the full debate
Suella Fernandes MP called for a debate in Parliament to discuss the well-publicised problems at Southern Health NHS Trust. This took place on 08-06-2016. It is quite a long document but here are a few quotes from it

"Of the 1,454 deaths recorded at the trust during the period under investigation, 722 were categorised by the trust as unexpected. Of those, the review looked at 540 and found that only 272 unexpected deaths received a significant investigation. The report did not specify how many investigations there should have been, but it drew attention to the limited number of deaths that were investigated in different categories. The trust has questioned the use of some of those figures, but the picture painted overall was one of inconsistent standards for investigations, raising the worrying prospect that an unspecified number of deaths may not have been investigated properly. The question of whether there may have been other preventable deaths like that of Connor Sparrowhawk could not be definitively answered, which has led to a great deal of concern among the trust’s patients and something of a breakdown in confidence. Understandably, people want to know that they or their loved ones will be safe in the care of Southern Health. Those whose relatives have died while under the trust’s care need reassurance that the investigations were properly conducted and that the deaths were not also the result of avoidable errors."

"I applaud the hon. Lady on securing this debate and on her excellent speech. In just about any other organisation, such a searing indictment of the board and, by implication, its executives would have resulted in their resigning. Is she surprised that they did not simply stand down and accept responsibility, as they should have?"

"There are a number of facets to this poor leadership…: a failure to consistently improve the quality of investigations and of the subsequent reports;

  • a lack of Board challenge to the systems and processes around the investigation of deaths…;
  • a lack of a consistent corporate focus on death reflected in Board reports which are inconsistent over time and which centre only on a small part of the available data;
  • an ad hoc and inadequate approach to involving families and carers in investigations;
  • a lack of focus on deaths amongst the health and social care services caring for people with a Learning Disability;
  • limited information presented at Board and sub-committee level relating to deaths in these groups…;
  • and a lack of attention to key performance indicators…indicating considerable delays in completing…investigations."
Clearly there has been a failing of clinical governance in the trust on a massive scale. However, I wonder whether my hon. Friend will reflect on two points. First, it is very difficult to deliver improvements in quality in a resource-poor environment, notwithstanding the clinical governance issues, and we know that child and adolescent mental health services and learning disability services have been chronically underfunded for many years nationally."

I shall leave you to read the rest and make of it what you will


Debate to be held at Westminster on criticised NHS Trust


The News icon Link to The News article

Suella Fernandes MP has called for a debate in Parliament to discuss the well-publicised problems at Southern Health NHS Trust.

The Fareham MP announced yesterday that she had secured a 90-minute Commons debate about the issue which will take place on Wednesday, June 8 at Westminster Hall debating chamber.


Suella's successful surgery


The News icon Link to The News article

I wish that I could have made it but we must congratulate Suella for holding such a meeting. From this report it was a great success although if you have any comments on the meeting to add you can always email them to webmaster and I shall see if I can add them here.

I shall endeavour to advertise when and where the next one will be hopefully sometime in August. Keep your eye on the diary page.


Suella to hold surgeries


The News icon Link to The News article

Ms Fernandes MP is marking the first anniversary of her election by launching a series of meetings for residents across the area.

"The new meetings I will be holding are a more public way for residents to come and meet me, ask questions and tell me their views about the issues that matter to them.’

The first meeting will take place at the Victory Hall in Warsash on May 13 at 7pm and all residents are invited."


Suella objects to Newlands


 Link to Suella's web page.

"As Member of Parliament for Fareham, I fully understand the pressures on housing locally. I appreciate that the revised application reduces the number of proposed homes from 1550 to 1100 and includes provision for an 80 bed care home, health centre, primary school and retail units. The incorporation of green spaces, play areas and allotments too would make the development a self-sustaining community."


Britain to upgrade one of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers to back amphibious assaults


The News icon Link to The News article

aircraft carrierThe pledge comes following Ms Fernandes’s week spent on exercise with the navy’s elite troops in the freezing fjords of Norway.
As part of the Fareham MP’s visit, she was able to witness some of the exercises first-hand, from aggressive amphibious assaults to stealthy reconnaissance missions.

And Ms Fernandes was given the chance to meet marines and inspect some of the equipment they use.

She said the role the marines played was ‘vital’ and that it was a ‘privilege’ to join them.

‘It was bitterly cold, and camping out in the Arctic is certainly not something I would recommend as a relaxing break, but I learned a huge amount from it,’ she added.


Suella seems to have woken up to the idea that floods might prove a problem in Fareham


The News icon Link to The News article

"FAREHAM MP Suella Fernandes has highlighted flooding danger as the government announces extra funds. The latest data from the Environment Agency revealed that 289 homes in Fareham are at risk of flooding."

Our Suella has got into The News again. We wonder whether she might at last be thinking that infrastructure should come before development. We have had Jeremy Hunt attending the Fareham Community Hospital (the one that is virtually inaccessible by public transport, has no Minor Injuries Unit and is under-utilised) and now she is becoming concerned about flooding. Is this just the existing problem or is she thinking into the future with the additional strain caused by the massive increase in housing numbers that are going to go ahead that she supports?


Will this have any effect on our rail services?


Suella The News icon Link to The News article

Suella's presentation to the Patrick McLoughlin in the House of Commons on the 28-01-2016 (see link in table)

After all with another 10,000 plus houses in the area, rail transport for the incoming London commuters will be absolutely vital


Quote from Hansard about the IFA2 connector


"At this point, I must mention Fareham and the role it is playing in keeping the lights on. IFA2, an electricity interconnector between France and the UK, is due to be connected at Chilling near Warsash on the south coast in Fareham, with a convertor station at the Daedalus site in Gosport. IFA2 will provide the capability to export or import more than 1,000 MW of power and provides three important benefits, the first of which is in relation to affordability. By giving Great Britain access to the European electricity market, IFA2 will help to create downward pressure on wholesale energy prices. Our wholesale energy price is forecast to be higher than the price in France for many years to come, but it is estimated that, with each 1,000 MW of new interconnector capacity, there is the potential to reduce wholesale prices here by about 2%."

Suella is supporting the The News icon SOUTHERN POWERHOUSE, does anybody think that maybe the South is a big enough powerhouse as it is and possibly more jobs need to go north to the places that are being laid to waste by the failure of major industries like steel.

She is also supporting the controversial The News icon Investigatory Powers Bill which will force Internet service providers to keep 12 months worth of communications data for everybody.


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Including this little gem:

"Of course, the need for proper planning and infrastructure is vital and the reforms to the planning system have gone some way towards streamlining the process and ensuring that local people have a greater say in housing decisions."

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