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Just to clarify the current situation


Quote from the article in The News logo  "Portsmouth Central and Fareham stations will be used until 2019 as they respectively have 29 and 14 custody cells. The new building will have 36."

Just to clarify the situation because Michael Lane obviously doesn't know. I called into Fareham Police Station this morning to check where we all stood at the moment and was told quite categorically by a civilian worker that FAREHAM POLICE STATION IS NOW CLOSED and has been for a little while now. So the 14 custody cells no longer exist and I would guess that there will be no true police presence in the Borough until they move the neighbourhood team into the Tower of Power sometime next year (don't forget that that is ONE neighbourhood team for the WHOLE of Fareham Borough.)

So much for Mr. Lane's now infamous quote of ‘My objective is to keep you, your family and your community safer. This plan will empower your priorities and the most effective operational policing to meet them that can be delivered with the budget and resources available.’


Neighbourhood police teams move into new headquarters receives plaudits from Fareham and Gosport bosses


Quote by Councillor Graham Burgess, deputy leader of Gosport Borough Council

"This is a win-win situation for Gosport. ‘It will make police more visible in the town.

‘It really is the icing on the cake for both the councils and the forces as it means residents will be able to come to the town hall for all enquiries.’"

It might be nice for those that live in Gosport Central but pretty awful for those in East and West Gosport. Although it was said by a Gosport councillor, exactly the same will apply to Fareham. If you live in Portchester, the Western Wards, Lee or Stubbington then hard luck. I wonder how much beat time will be lost because your friendly local bobby will be commuting.

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Police Investigation Centre due in 2019


Merlin Park

The Police and Crime Commissioner has finally managed to sign a lease agreement for land in Merlin Park which should allow the Police Investigation Centre to be up and running by sometime in 2019, only 3 years late. In the meantime we will have 3 police establishments in Fareham - 999 in Fareham Reach, Neighbourhood in The Tower and custody in the Police Station. I was under the impression that they were trying to save money so why not keep them all together in one building until the new PIC is ready? There must be some logic but I can't see it.

WHEN the police investigation centre is finally built it will have a ripple effect.

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Police Investigation Centre delayed


Delay over police project is becoming a concern

So our police base is moving to an office in the Tower of Power but they still can't make thier minds up about where the new area police station, cells, detectives and all of the other services that will be needed when the current polics stations are pensioned off will be moving to.

You really would have thought that this would have been sorted BEFORE the re-organisation began.

The News logo Quote from the News article  "It will be two years before the Pic is built anyway – it’s not fair on police officers that they should have to put up with the infamously substandard Fratton and central stations for much longer." Surely it is unfair not only on police officers but also on us, the people that are paying for this supposed service - so much for Michael Lane's quote below.


Have your say: Police and Crime Plan 2016 - 2021, for Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton


Michael Lane, Hampshire's Crime and Police Commissioner says

‘My objective is to keep you, your family and your community safer. This plan will empower your priorities and the most effective operational policing to meet them that can be delivered with the budget and resources available.’

I guess that the defining phrase is 'with the budget and resources available.'

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The survey is open until 14thSeptember


Officers need the resources to do their jobs properly


A police spokeswoman said that "Fareham West’s neighbourhood team has six bikes between them."
This is to cover the whole of the Western Wards of Fareham, ooh and they have ONE car between them. After all that has been said in the past it looks as if the police, despite the best efforts of the local officers, are leading the way into the dissolution of local and central government financed services.

Inform Fareham has been highlighting the lack of local infrastructure for the existing population since its inception. It really doesn't bode well for us with the additional 100,000 plus houses being crammed into South Hampshire. All of a sudden it looks as if our Executive Leader and chairman of PUSH may be starting to take notice, or possibly something happened in his ward and he realised what is happening.

The News logo Fareham councillor raises concerns on lack of police resources for area
The News logo The extent of police cutbacks has been laid rather bare following a candid tweet from Fareham police.


101 Service in Hampshire failing


It's good to know that extorting citizens to use the 101 service (the non-urgent replacement for 999 calls) has resulted in a failure to answer 306,749 calls since 2012. Nationwide 3,469,984 were abandoned in 36 forces.

Just be sure that the call you need to make is not urgent as the longest wait was for the telephone to be answered was well in excess of an hour.

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Report from the Full Council Meeting on 28-04-2016


"The Executive Member for Public Protection announced that he attended the Hampshire Police and Crime Panel at the end of last month where the main discussion was on the budget for 2016/17 which included the Police Precept.

The Government announced in November that Police spending would be protected in real terms, but the Chancellor stated that the Police Crime Commissioner should plan on the basis that the overall referendum limit for Police Precept would be maintained at 2%. It also became very clear during this discussion that the 108 additional Police Officers, as stated in the press, was incorrect, in that an increase of 1.99% would maintain 108 Police Officers. A public consultation was held by the Commissioner which showed that 72% supported an increase in Council Tax of 1.99%. This was agreed by the panel. During these discussions, the Commissioner also agreed that he could find the additional funding to maintain the Hampshire Police Marine Unit.

Discussion took place on the Estates Plan, and it would appear the latest date for the Police in Fareham to move into the Civic Offices would be September 2016; a letter of intent has been received to confirm this and work has commenced with the PCC to finalise the terms.

Finally, interviews for the new Chief Constable's are currently taking place with 6 applicants. The Commissioner's choice will be announced at the Crime Panel meeting on 11 March and there will then be the opportunity to question the proposed Chief Constable and agree, or otherwise, on his or her position."

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Police u-turn as major new hub will now be based in Portsmouth


Quote by Simon Hayes, Hampshire’s police and crime commissioner "I recognise it’s caused uncertainty both for police officers and staff working in the organisation and rumours in the community and both those I wouldn’t want"
As the paragraph written in January of this year suggested - you would have thought the future would have been planned before the whole shebang started.

Mr Hayes’ staff had looked at 32 possible sites and whittled that down to 11 before negotiating on just five. Now a city site, which was not named but was one of the five, is being reconsidered
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Police Station Relocation


One would normally have thought that before closing our local police station with its cells and all of the accoutrements that it offers, the relevant authorities would have thought about the relocation, yet here we see that the Portsmouth's Central Police Station is to close. They don't yet know where the new Police Investigation Centre is to be, at the moment CID is based in Fratton and the Police Authority cannot find a cheap enough alternative in Portsmouth for the new centre, it looks as if it might move to Havant. So that will be the cost to close Fareham, Havant and all of the other local police stations, move all of their personnel to new locations and then move them from Fratton to the new PIC although we don't know where that will be yet. Talk about short sighted cost savings. It might save in the long run, but had the future been planned more carefully then I am sure that even bigger savings could have been made and with less disruption.

The News logo Police hub change could leave city without a station
The News logo We are moving into an era where we’re not going to have police stations in every town

Whether this will improve the level and quality of policing in South Hampshire is something that remains very much to be seen.

The News logo Tower of Power revamp

Whether we agree with it or not Fareham's Police Force is due for it's relocation to the Civic Offices in February after a £368,000 revamp. £266,000 coming from FBC and the rest being supplied from other sources including the Police budget.
Cllr Woodward said:
"It’s good news that there is yet another public service coming in to the building and making savings across the estate. We welcome all these organisations moving in to the building, to make sure that is occupied at all times. At least that way a careful eye can be kept on them all.

Sounds very Big Brotherish to me.

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Rapes in Hampshire more than double in a year - while convivtion rates halve


Yet our Government still reckon that we can save yet more money from the police budget.

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