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Newgate Lane South plans approved by HCC


Newgate Lane traffic Plans for the new Newgate Lane South, which will connect Newgate Lane to Peel Common Roundabout, were signed off at a county council meeting yesterday. "This scheme will cost £290,000, funded from developer contributions, and it aims improve safety, ease congestion and speed up the Eclipse bus."

The phrase to notice here is "funded from developer contributions". This would give developers the chance to hit the land between the new road and Tukes Avenue / Pettycot Crescent - possibly part of the additional 2000 required housing or maybe just a bit of infilling.

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HCC Planning application


These are the words that were in the comment, unfortunately the links no longer seem to work.

At the same meeting that the Stubbington bypass was discussed a decision on the realignment of the southern section of Newgate Lane (from south of Tanners Lane to Peel common) was deferred. It seems that members of the committee were not happy about the level of details in the proposal. Members were concerned about the impact on the local residents and the environment. However, the report makes no reference to the concerns of local residents along the Woodcote Lane area who, understandably, feel that this will open up yet more land for redevelopment and, of course, even more traffic which they will have to endure.

One can imagine that the head honcho at FBC is a little aggrieved by this seeming dissension in the ranks. Others may think that it is about time too.

Road route From a personal perspective I, like many others I suspect, are very concerned about the local impact that the improvements carried out in Newgate Lane have already had. Whilst not saying these improvements have been an unmitigated disaster, I question the term ‘improvements’. Using the road almost daily I have found that it is now akin to a motorway with roundabouts: Speeds along the dual lanes has increased markedly and drivers have to switch lanes rather precariously to reach their desired route. In addition the two lanes around the Longfield Avenue roundabout sees drivers racing around it two abreast – all heading in the same direction – some like demented F1 drivers.

It all seems like an accident waiting to happen: One might have thought that the improvements were meant to add to road safety – not decrease it. Despite some road marking improvements there is also still a big problem for traffic leaving the businesses arranged on the Speedfields estate. There wasn’t a problem before - but it is now. Over the day traffic leaving Speedfields is greater than the traffic leaving Collingwood, yet the naval base seems well catered for whilst the rest of us can take our chances.

Whilst Cllr Woodward has publicly stated that Newgate Lane takes preference over traffic leaving Speedfields the business there may take a different view if these problems start affecting their custom. And I think they may have more clout that the executive leader of FBC.




 Link to The News article

On Wednesday 21/10/2015 HCC decided that they did not have enough information to enable them to make a decsion about this road. Their main concerns seem to be about the number of laybys, triple glazing and keeping the old road open for the use of buses and cyclists. Funding has already been secured so pending the granting of planning work will start in late 2017 unless of course funding gets withdrawn because something more urgent needs it.

 Link to The News article

Please take some time and have a look at the proposals FBC and HCC have for Woodcote Lane and decide for yourself whether road "improvements" like these will allow for even MORE house south of the B3334 when the Quay Street roundabout is still "just up the road".

We can also tell you that Gosport Borough Council wish to purchase part of Daedelus and are hoping that 'developers will come forward' to develop the land. Make of that what you will, but we will try to keep abreast of what is happening when we can.

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