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Furze Court

Construction of 33 dwellings together with associated access, car parking, cycle and refuse storage plus conversion of existing office to 66 flats so 99 in all.


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Section 7.7 of the Planning Statement (see link below for the full report) s an expectation for the provision of 40% affordable housing which would equate to 13 dwellings under the provisions of Policy CS18 of the adopted Core Strategy. However, it is not proposed to provide any affordable housing as part of the development. A confidential Viability Report is submitted with the application in support of this position, as allowed for in the wording of Policy CS18. (my italics).

It makes you wonder why, could it be that the site is not really viable? Possibly because of the proximity of the M27 and junction 9 and the fact that another 6000 dwellings are proposed for a couple of hundred yards up the A32 which would make access and egress pretty difficult and air quality is bound to suffer dramatically when Welborne appears, but if it was not viable they would not proceed with it.

FBC Icon Planning application available here
Developers planning statement here pdf icon PDF 450KB

The only references to the 6000 dwellings just up the road are in

Section 2 - "The land to the north on the opposite side of the M27 forms part of the Welborne Plan area."

Section 5 - "Traffic generation having regard to the proposed new M27 junction to serve the proposed Welborne area to the north." and

Section 7.18 - "The change of use will increase the total number of multi-modal trips associated with the site compared with those arising from the previous use as offices. However the change in use from offices to residential will result in a decrease in vehicles trips, both at peak times and across the whole day, but an increase in trips by non-car modes. The change of use will therefore release highway capacity on Wickham Road, which will be of benefit in offsetting some of the new vehicle trips on this road arising from the Welborne development to the north, and potentially will increase public transport trips, including new and improved services that can be anticipated as being provided as part of the transport strategy for that much larger development."

Are they going to supply a cycle lane to make one of the multi-modal methods of transport safer? I wouldn't want to leave that site on a 'bike without dismounting and walking around the roundabout. As for buses - what buses? So that leaves walking and running.

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