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Gosport still don't agree with IFA2


But will FBC take any notice?

Nice quote from Cllr. Beavis - Gosport Borough Council "Cllr Beavis added: "We see the problems that Fareham Borough Council has at the moment with its Local Plan.

It hasn’t got it right and they need to listen to what local people have concerns about."

Link to article in The News


Is IFA2 in the right place?


"The decision by Fareham and National Grid plc to build the IFA2 Interconnector on the airfield at Daedalus regardless of the agreed local plan and strong local opposition in order simply for Fareham to get National Grids plc’s money is a thoroughly bad decision that will have deeply damaging consequences for the development of both the airfield and the Enterprise Zone."
Bill Hutchison, chairman of Hill Head Residents Association

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IFA2 Detailed planning applications lodged


Two detailed planning applications were submitted by the National Grid on the 17th and 19th of July.

The first relates to  the open space
Details Of Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout And Scale Pursuant To Outline Planning Permission Reference P/16/0557/Oa For The Area Of Public Open Space Relating To The Land To The North Of The Ifa2 Interconnector And Details Pursuant To Conditions 35 [Open Space Hard Landscaping Details] And 36 [Open Space Habitat Creation] Of The Outline Planning Permission Reference P/16/0557/OA.

And the second relates to  details of the structure
Details Of The Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout And Scale, Pursuant To Outline Planning Permission Reference P/16/0557/Oa, For The Interconnector And Converter Station, All Associated Buildings And Site Infrastructure And Details Pursuant To Conditions 07 [Levels], 20 [Construction Access] And 21 [Operational Access] Of Outline Planning Permission Reference P/16/0557/OA.

As far as I can see the only organisations other than local residents that have been consulted so far are the Airfield Manager and Contaminated Land Consultation (Environmental Health). I only mention that because of the furore that has occurred over lack of consultation with outside statutory bodies over Welborne, just in case a reminder is needed in the future. Please check this fact and let me know if I have missed anybody.


Extract from the Full Council meeting 27-07-2017



The Executive Leader announced that the application made by the MP for Gosport to have the planning consents for the IFA2 development revoked by the Secretary of State, despite having been properly determined by this Council in January and issued following the section 106 agreement in April, has today, as expected, been rejected by the Secretary of State.

The Executive Leader stated that the detailed applications for the interconnector buildings and 45 acres of public open space were received last week. Fareham Borough Council held a special CAT meeting in Holy Rood Church in Stubbington on Monday which had been attended by over 200 residents who were encouraged to respond to the public consultation on the applications.

The Executive Leader stated that it was regrettable that in his letter refusing to revoke the planning application, the Minister alleges that there was some agreement between Fareham Borough Council and his officials not to issue the earlier planning consents without prior notification of the Council’s intention to do so. That statement is not true and the Executive Leader stated that he had been advised by the Chief Executive Officer that there was no such agreement, verbal or otherwise. The letter states that the Minister has written to the Council on the matter however the Executive Leader affirmed that he has not.


IFA2 decision moves closer


Article from the Fareham and Gosport View, Issue no 32, 28th October 2016

IFA2 decision

Click image to enlarge

So after spending all that money on resurfacing the runway, if this gets the go ahead it would seem that one of the six cables is going to run right under the runway so let's dig it up and start all over against.

Even after the report has been delivered, read, understood and earnestly digested the phrase "There has never been a situation where cables like the ones that would be used would lie under a runway so despite what this report is going to say, it would never be able to totally prove that it would not have an effect until after IFA2 is built." - Quote from Cllr. John Beavis - will still hang in the air and we won't know whether money has been wasted or not.

According to this article the CAT meeting will be held in Ferneham Hall probably before the end of the year.


Could there be larger problems with IFA2 than we thought?


"National Grid’s proposal to build the controversial IFA2 interconnector on former navy airfield Daedalus in Lee-on-the-Solent was expected to be decided on by Fareham Borough Council’s planning committee this month.

But that has been delayed because a report from expert consultants into the effect the development would have on aircraft using the airfield has not been finished."

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Future of £500m electrical power centre in Fareham was ‘in doubt’


"When something goes wrong of course there are doubts and concerns" Morris Bray, National Grid

I just love this quote.

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I wonder if this will allay Britten-Norman's fears


EXPERT consultants have been brought in to study a former navy airfield due to fears that a proposed £500m electrical power station could affect aircraft using its landing strip.

Until the cable is actually laid, how can they be 100% assured that this will not cause a problem. You can spend as much as you like on surveys but the only time that you can be absolutely certain that it won't cause an incident is after the whole thing is turned on - and it will be too late then.

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Not only the Navy are objecting



It looks as if current occupiers of the Daedalus site might be getting a bit concerned as well. It would appear that high power electricity supply cables and airfields are a bad combination. Britten-Norman have expressed grave concerns about the effect that EMR may have on aircraft.
It makes you wonder which is more important to Cllr. Woodward, IFA2 or Daedalus as a leading light in aviation. Looks as if we are getting close to decision time.

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Now this is an objection that might be very hard to ignore


Royal Navy bids to torpedo Channel subsea cable project

According to The Times of 11-07-2016, the Royal Navy has raised concerns about IFA2 because "naval chiefs have warned that the powerful electromagnetic field generated by the cable could interfere with the avionic systems of military aircraft which still use the airfield for maintenance and testing. “An unbounded airworthiness risk could arise that will incur intolerable operational and cost impact on continued operation of military aircraft . . . at Daedalus airfield,” said the letter from Captain John Vickers.

So far there have been in excess of 1000 comments referring to this planning application but our Chief Executive is still very firmly in favour.

According to The News Council Leader Sean Woodward said: ‘I do understand and sympathise with those who have their concerns about the application.

The council will not allow National Grid to build the station if it cannot appease those concerns. I will not have the future for Daedalus destroyed.’

Maybe it's another one of those quotes that we will need to remember

If EMR could possibly "interfere with the avionic systems of military aircraft" then I am not too sure what it would do for local residents despite all of the reassurances that Cllr. Woodward offers.

Presumably if EMR could cause this then surely it would not affect just military aircraft, if that is the case then the project could have quite an effect on the uses for the airfield post IFA2 let alone what effect that it would have on local residents.

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The Times icon Link to The Times article Unfortunately you need to subscribe to The Times to be able to read the full article although a transcript is available at the No2daedalusifa2 Facebook page.


Warsash Residents Association support IFA2


 Link to their letter Adobe Reader Icon (PDF 26KB)

FBC icon  Link to FBC planning application  should you wish to check on existing comments or add your own.
So far there are an additonal 860 comments on the site.


More views from local residents on IFA2


Lee Residents icon Lee residents call to action

The Lee Residents Association is asking for:

  1. The National Grid to seriously reconsider Fawley as it is already an industrial site with a connection to the grid
  2. Hampshire County Council to consider building the Interconnector a little further inland at Chilling but away from housing.
  3. The National Grid to look at alternative sites further east or west along the coast?
There was talk of the Government going the dreaded CPO route if they really wanted it to happen - so if they could compulsorily purchase Daedalus they could do the same at Fawley.


NATS Radar tower to go ahead


Air traffic controller Nats’ plans were given the seal of approval by landowner Fareham Borough Council at a meeting in Fareham Civic Offices.

Now for IFA2, a structure taller than the proposed IFA2 building now has the go-ahead so that probably removes a whole host of objections as a precedent will have been set. The News icon  Link to The News article


Proposed IFA2 CAT Meeting


Report from Michael Stephenson

CAT Meeting Holy Rood Church, Stubbington
Monday May 23rd

Subject: The proposed IFA2 at Daedelus.

I attended this meeting last night purely as an interested spectator having, initially, no thoughts on the matter one way or another. However, after listening to some impassioned arguments from the residents – including some very convincing technical arguments – I am decidedly leaning towards the ‘NO’ camp. Over 100+ attended the meeting and those there representing the IFA2 developers must have gone away thinking that their proposal was going to be no walkover. Well, as far as the residents were concerned, anyway. There were the usual complaints about the lack of communication from FBC. The Executive Leader of FBC disputed this, but as I do not live in the area affected I cannot comment on it with all honestly. Broadly speaking, from what I heard, FBC are in favour of this development.
Many of the arguments against centred around the effects on the local environment and noise pollution. There was tacit agreement from the top table that there could be some issues with the powerful Electro Magnetic Field interfering with aircraft using the airfield and various other communications (Mobile phones, TVs etc, etc.). One of the more telling arguments against was the suggestion that it IFA2 should be built at the defunct energy site at Fawley. Although this seems eminently more suitable apparently the site owners – NPower – have sold the site for housing. Interestingly, .the EL had previously stated that it could be possible for the IFA2 developers to purchase the land they need at Daedelus by the use of a CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order): Presumably because its development would be in the national interest. It that is true then that must equally apply to Fawley I guess. You can draw your own conclusions from that.
There was also a telling comment from one resident who suggested that as the EL of FBC - Cllr Woodward - should be more concerned about looking out for the best interests of the borough and its residents. There are a few more that would go along with that. The more worrying aspect of the issue was that if the residents fears were discovered to be well-founded AFTER the plant had been built there was little to be done about it. The EL suggested that if this was the case then FBC could step in and stop it running. Well, if you believe that then you also believe in fairies.

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Videos have been posted here


Plans for second Innovation Centre"


PLANS for a second innovation centre at Daedalus have been unveiled just after the original building celebrated its first anniversary.

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From the CATS meeting report above and the references to electro-magnetic interference, about which FBC gave tacit agreement, it sounds as if it will be a great location with the possibility of bad mobile phone coverage, possible wireless connectivity and computer problems and a permanent 50Hz hum. Not sure that I would want to site a high-tech company there. It will be interesting to see, if IFA2 gets the go ahead, what the ramifications will be on the existing Innovation Centre.


Planning application lodged with FBC


IFA2 view National Grid, or whoever is actually responsible for IFA2, has now submitted plans for the IFA2 Interconnector at Daedalus.

Statment from the planning application
Hybrid Planning application for an electrical interconnector with an approximate capacity of 1000 megwatts (MW) extending from Tourbe, Normandy (France) to Chilling, Hampshire. Outline planning permission is sought at Daedalus for: 1. The erection of converter station buildings (to a maximum height of 22 metres) with associated, vehicular accesses and roads, security fencing, landscaping and temporary construction compounds; 2. Creation of public open space and associated facilities, grassland planting and tree planting. Full Planning permission is sought at Hill Head and Stubbington for: 3. Installation of cables between Mean Low Water Springs and the converter station in the north eastern corner of Daedalus Airfield. Full Planning Permission is sought at Chilling for: 4. The Installation of cables between the Mean Low Water Springs and the existing cable sealing end compound at Chilling Lane

IFA2 decision IFA2 decision

Click either image to enlarge

The full planning application is Fareham BC icon available here

It does seem a shame that the only buildings we now seem to be able to erect are just boring cubic designs with grey slab sides. At one point in our history buildings like this would have some real architecural merit but I suppose that it all comes down to pound notes in the end. When you think about it though, it can't be any more of a carbuncle than the Council offices and certainly no worse than the Court House (hopefully due for demolition soon, but to be replaced by what?).


Concerns plans for radar on Daedalus could set precedent for IFA2


NATS Site elevation The News icon  Link to The News article

FBC icon  Link to the Planning Application

Speaking at a meeting, council leader Mark Hook said: ‘One of my main issues is that if we allow something that is 25m high then that will allow the 22m-high IFA2 to be built. ‘I would hope they wouldn’t, but Fareham Borough Council could turn around and say that we didn’t have a problem with the height of the radar, so why are we complaining about a development which is not as tall?’


Council executive committee meeting


Daedalus appears to have been a roaring success - occupancy was due to have been competed by the end of March 2017 - it seems that to everyones amazement it is already 100% occupied supplying a grand total of 100 jobs, so much for Daedalus supplying enough jobs to reduce the amount of traffic flowing out of Gosport each morning and relieving the pressure on the A32 and Newgate Lane. To see Our Executive Leader's comment on the number of jobs have a look at this video.
I need to find the video in which Cllr. Woodward gave specific numbers of jobs that he thought would be created.


ifa2 update


During consultation events, held between 16 March and 20 March 2016, we welcomed 676 people to five different locations over five days, and we continue to receive responses through the post and by email. As a reminder, the period to provide feedback remains open until 16 April 2016.
We will consider all comments we receive before the end of the consultation period. Once the consultation period has finished, we will publish a Consultation Report setting out an analysis of the feedback and our responses. We expect to make this available on our website later in the month.
We will continue to update our project website with further information addressing issues raised during the last round of consultation.
If you have not already done so, you can take part in the consultation by completing and returning a feedback form to us. You can obtain a copy of this from the project website, by calling 0800 0194 576 or from the following locations:

You can also write to us at the following address:

Community Relations Team, FREEPOST reference RTRB-LUUJ-AGBY,(IFA2 interconnector),
c/o PPS Group, Sky Light City Tower, 50 Basinghall Street, London EC2V 5DE.

If you have any further comments or questions, please contact us on 0800 0194 576 or see our project website:

And now nats want to join in


NATS Building The News icon  Link to The News article

National Air Traffic Control Services seem as if they would like to add a 25 metre high radar to the land at Daedalus.

‘Its primary purpose is to provide Nats with an in-house test and training platform for the current radars in service and to test future radar technology. By having a separate facility it removes the need to impact any operational radar services to carry out these tasks.’

Consultations have been arranged at the Fareham Innovation Centre at Daedalus on
Monday 07-03-2016 and Tuesday 08-03-2016 between 12:00 and 19:00.


Interconnector update


IFA2 icon Round two: National Grid IFA2 Ltd announces dates for next series of consultation events. (Link no longer available)

IFA2 icon IFA2 – responses to questions raised following public consultation (Link no longer available)

IFA2 Timeline Events will take place at the following times and places:
•    Wednesday 16 March, 3.30pm – 7.30pm
     Stubbington Baptist Church
     Cuckoo Lane
     Stubbington PO14 3TA

•    Thursday 17 March, 3.30 pm – 7.30pm
     Peel Common Church Hall
     68 Newgate Lane
     Fareham PO14 1BE

•    Friday 18 March, 1.00pm – 4.00pm
     1 Meteor Way
     Broom Way
     Lee-on-the-Solent PO13 9FU

•    Saturday 19 March, 2.30pm – 6.30pm
     St Mary Hook with Warsash
     109 Church Rd
     Warsash SO31 9GF

•    Sunday 20 March, 2.30pm – 6.30pm
     St Faith’s Parish Centre
     Victoria Square
     Lee-on-the-Solent, PO13 9NF


What is IFA2?


IFA2 will be an electricity interconnector. This is a connection between the electricity transmission systems of different countries. The Interconnector will be capable of exchanging 1,000MW of power between Britain and France, enough to run around over 1,000,000 homes. How does IFA2 work?

The interconnector is made up of undersea cables running for more than 100 miles between the two countries which would connect at either end to a converter station.

The Convertor

The converter station in Fareham is proposed to be based at Daedalus in Stubbington. The map below shows the approximate underground cable route and approximate site area for the convertor station.

Interconnector site

Possible option for National Grid development (Daedalus)


More Gosport than Fareham


And here come another 200 homes but this time beyond the scope of Fareham Borough Council.

Quote from The News 06-01-2016

"The councillor in charge of economic development is happy with government policy to build homes at Daedalus. Cllr Stephen Philpott, chairman of the economic regeneration board at Gosport Borough Council, welcomed the news. He said:‘We are delighted that the homes to be provided at Daedalus will be affordable homes.'" Fareham Borough Council's initial statement on Coldeast and the Gosport councillor welcomes yet more houses on the part of the Daedalus site owned by Gosport.

The News icon Link to The News article


Interconnector Project IFA2


Quote from Suella Fernandes in the
Department of Energy and Climate Change:
Wholesale Energy Prices Debate in the House of Commons 19-11-2015

"In order to keep household bills down, it is vital that we invest in energy infrastructure. Does the Secretary of State agree that the proposed IFA2 interconnector station at the Daedalus airfield in Gosport, which will connect to Chilling in Fareham and provide a second electricity link between Britain and France, is a welcome development that will make a positive contribution to affordability and sustainability". Interconnector Project (IFA2) National Grid is planning a major new energy infrastructure project, known as IFA2 (Interconnexion France-Angleterre 2), linking the United Kingdom's electricity transmission network to France. The link will help enhance the security, affordability and sustainability of energy supply to both countries."

FBC Icon Press Release Electricity link with France proposed for Fareham to keep the lights on in 2020

Daily Echo Icon Huge energy project could bring Hampshire millions of pounds

The News icon Fears raised over size of £500m electrical station in Lee-on-the-Solent

BBC icon News article Plans for French electricity interconnector IFA2 in Fareham released