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please tell the Government to stop unnecessary greenfield development


Please take a moment to send a letter to your MP about how the Government is pushing through a raft of changes to the way planning works in England.
These changes are eroding your right to a fair say on planning decisions that shape our towns and cities and could mean losing precious countryside forever.

We know the civil servants are working through the new guidance and we can still influence the changes.

We need to build more affordable homes in the right places for local communities. By building homes on brownfield sites we can regenerate our towns and cities and help save precious countryside. To make this happen we need good planning, that gives local communities a fair say in the kind of housing that is right for them and protects the countryside.

The Government’s continuous reforms to planning have focused on making it easier for developers to get planning permission to build homes wherever they want. The result has been an increase in planning applications in the countryside and Green Belt. Our research has shown that there is already enough land with planning permission for 650,000 new homes, so there is no need to sacrifice our countryside. Granting permission on more land in the countryside isn’t the solution to getting more homes built – getting housebuilders to build the permissions they have, is.

We want to persuade the Government to take a sensible approach to planning that will give us the homes we need in the right places and protect the countryside.
What we want from the Government

  • Allow local authorities to set realistic housing targets based on local need.
  • Make developers build out the developments for which they already have planning permission before they can have further sites.
  • Make building on suitable brownfield land in urban areas a priority before building on greenfield land.
  • A clear commitment to a Green Belt policy that protects the countryside.

Take action

Please take a few moments to send a letter to your local MP, to persuade the Government to rethink their proposed changes to planning that will result in unnecessary loss of countryside. We need to act urgently as time is running out before a decision is made in the coming weeks.

Send a letter to your local MP.

Thank you,

Paul Miner
Planning Campaign Manager
Campaign to Protect Rural England


Hampshire Association of Local Councils Presentation


coastal pictureThe Big Issues in Hampshire's Planning Development, presentation to Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) Annual Conference on 9th March 2016.

Quote from the supporting notes "CPRE was formed in 1926, it pulled together the wide range of early ‘green groups’. One early aim of CPRE was to introduce Patrick Abercrombie’s idea of ‘rural planning’ – extending Town Planning to cover the country too. This was very important in the 1920s when speculative building – known as ribbon development – was sprawling along main roads leading out of cities, like the tentacles of an octopus, as Clough Williams Ellis put it.

Over the years CPRE has campaigned successfully to create Greenbelts, National Parks and AONBs."


Green Belt for South Hampshire.


Please read the full briefing document prepared by CPRE (Hampshire).

There is almost no Green Belt in Hampshire, apart from around the Avon Valley and New Milton. This is well-known. What is less well-known is that it ‘nearly’ had a substantial Green Belt around the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton on a number of occasions.

Latterly it had Strategic Gaps which were the alternatives offered by government, but they lost their policy status with the demise of the South East Plan. Now, there is renewed interest in a Green Belt designated around the cities and protecting the rural hinterland of South Hampshire.

In our latest campaign ,we are calling on the county's Leaders to forge ahead with a Green Belt for South Hampshire.

The News icon Fareham leader pledges to lobby government for ‘Hampshire green belt’. Maybe just a little bit late. By the time it happens (if it ever does) a couple of very large green areas in Fareham will have disappeared.


Campaign for a South Hampshire Green Belt.


Ahead of the devolution negotiation due to be held in London next Tuesday, and 65 years after the concept was first mooted, we are calling on the county’s Leaders to forge ahead with a new Green Belt for South Hampshire.

Read their news release and briefing paper.