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Fareham Town Centre

And another shop bites the dust


Westbury Mall occupied sites Boots Opticians relocation letter

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And the next shop to put up it's shutters for good will be Boots Opticians who are entrenching their presence to their main shop in Westbury Mall as from September 2nd. That now leaves Westbury Mall with something like 16% of it's total area vacant. Maybe a better idea for Fawlty Towers would be to shuffle the remaining shops around and convert the ground floor to an hotel. At this rate it won't be long before there would be enough space.


West Street shops


A while ago there was a lot being said about the state of Fareham Town Centre. FBC published a document that showed the types of shops along West Street. West Street Shops

I looked at it and thought that it was rather out of date so tried updating it. I am not sure where their street layout came from and it was not possible to use it as a basis so I did it as a straight line. Also I modified their classes as I thought that it would be nice to see the difference between eat-in and take-aways for example and to split out hairdressers and barbers. So here is my attempt, I hope that it is of some interest and if anybody spots a new class of shop opening let me know and I shall update it.

West Street shops

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Objections to the screening plant


Funtley Village Society's objections to the scheme Objection letter


Now they want to recycle the spoil from Welborne


The headline is in no way meant to imply that this has anything to do with Buckland Development. The site would be just as likely to recycle the soil waste from Cranleigh Road, Newlands and any other development site. The big question is - Is this the right place for such a site?

Planning notes

Up to 40 lorry loads a day along Fontley Road to service a machine like this one

Site plan Screening machine

wind rose

Figure 3.2 shows the wind direction and speed measured over the period of a year (2013) at this station The nearest existing receptors to the site are to the south of the proposed development and would therefore be downwind of the proposed development only when the wind is from north-west to the north-east, which will be infrequent (only 24% of the hours of the year analysed).

4.6 Regarding exhaust emissions from construction and operation-related vehicles (contractors’ vehicles and Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), diggers, and other diesel-powered vehicles), these are unlikely to have a significant impact on local air quality [3] except for large, long-term sites: the EPUK/IAQM Land-Use Planning & Development Control: Planning For Air Quality document [2] indicates that air quality assessments should include developments increasing annual average daily Heavy Duty Vehicle (HDV) traffic flows by more than 25 within or adjacent to an AQMA and more than 100 elsewhere. There will be an average of 20 lorry deliveries per day with a total average of 40 lorry movements each day (deliveries and exports). The aforementioned EPUK/IAQM thresholds are not expected to be exceeded for any individual road during the construction or operational phase of this project; therefore, vehicle exhaust emissions have not been assessed specifically.

I wonder how much dust they will kick up driving to the plant along a concrete road.

Dormice: The initial survey set up was complete by 11"“ March 2015. However, a few days later unspecified land management had occurred resulting in a substantial reduction in bramble scrub habitat and subsequent damage to survey equipment.

Funny that, I seem to remember it happening at Seafield Park as well.

If you want to raise an objection you will need to e-mail with a subject line of Planning comment for 18178.

The full planning application is at  although you will have to accept their copyright statement



Sorry to see them go


Spencer and Penn in Portchester has begun its closing-down sale and owner David Millar said: ‘Bills are going up and sales are going down.

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What a shame, after 80 years the throw-away society strikes again and a very long-established local trader who probably knows the situation better than anybody, thinks that the regeneration project will have problems. We can but hope that he is wrong but fear he may not be.


An article in The News


Under the plans, the council is looking to work with Hampshire County Council, which owns the precinct, and several private landlords to increase the number of parking spaces to just under 300 from 259, building new affordable flats in West Street for first-time buyers and creating new retail space to turn the village centre into a ‘coffee hot-spot’.

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Monday - Portchester Precinct under discussion


FBC's plans for Portchester precinct will be dicussed at Monday's Executive Committee meeting.

Cllr. Woodward's ideas seem to point towards a convivial coffee and cafe area. I wonder what the increase in rent and rates will be and whether or not local businesses will be able to afford them, or will it end up just as a load of pound shops, Costas, Starbucks, Burger Kings, Greggs and the like? Just like a clone of Fareham Town Centre.

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Portchester refurbishment.


FBC are asking residents how they should be refurbishing the Portchester precincy and are intending to "consult" on the subject. One or two points do stick out in their documentation:

  • "Outside of this area we will be encouraging non-commercial use for shops if they become empty. This will be achieved within existing planning rules." Is the just Councilease for "And we will be encouraging further housing developments" or are there any othe uses that could be non-commercial?
  • It is amazing how FREE PARKING crops up so frequently when the subject of the health of a shopping area is raised, yet Fareham obviously doesn't need this facility. Obviously those that use the Fareham Town Centre are supposed to be a breed apart that don't worry about parking fees, after all it is cheap (according to certain councillors) but not as cheap as free.

Free parking

 Fareham Borough Council iconDraft Regeneration Vision for Portchester: Consultation

 Fareham Borough Council iconPutting the village back in Portchester

It does seem a shame that the same isn't being done for the other "village" areas in Fareham:
  • Funtley
  • Stubbington
  • Titchfield
  • Wallington



Stroud Green consultation times extended.


‘We are amazed that any local authority would countenance such a suggestion.
Zoe Bentley, another Stroud Green Lane resident said: "The fact that we had 295 people against the proposal gives an indication of the strength of feeling and are therefore hopeful that the council will consider the other sites."
A number of alternative sites in the Stubbington were previously proposed including land near Gosport Road which residents were told can no longer be used as it will be used for the plant equipment for the Stubbington bypass.
The council is now accepting further comments until July 31 and these will be considered at the decision meeting in September.

 Link to article in The News



Accusations of blackmail.


Seriously are these councillors for real?

Quote from the Daily Echo:
"Geoff Hockley, county councillor for Titchfield, said he has no view on the [Posbrook Lane] development but after talking to local residents they are concerned that the developers were more interested in what they wanted rather than what the local community wanted."

Since when did developers, any developer put anything above profit, and for a local councillor to say that he has no view on something like this, well, words fail.

 Link to the Daily Echo article