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What's the point of an underpass?


So after spending millions on the roundabout to improve the traffic flow HCC are now going to stick a pedestrian crossing - albeit a puffin - smack dab at the end of the A27 as it enters/exits the roundabout. Without being given a reason it just smacks of sheer lunacy, they are at it AGAIN, wasting our money. If they want to use a spare puffin up, put it where it has been asked for on numerous occasions, at least 3 petitions ago - AT THE OAST AND SQUIRE PUB.

HCC Notice to install a puffin crossing


Year-long roadworks on A27 gets started


And on to the next set of hold-ups that are intended to "improve the capacity of the A27".

The News icon Article in The News

They still don't seem to have twigged that the road structure as it is at the moment is totally incapable of enough improvement to even cope with the current traffic load. Will this make it anywhere near capable of coping with the additional 10,000 houses planned for Fareham in the foreseeable future? There isn't the room in our fair borough to have a roadsystem capable of taking us through to 2036 without major upheaval, just have a look at the way that our major road system has hardly changed since 1913.


Just count the number of traffic lights on St Margaret's


Ignore the date on the video, I need to reset it on the camera.

Out of interest I tried counting the number of traffic lights that are being installed at St.Margaret’s roundabout but kept forgetting where I had got to after about 25 sets so You Tube icon I video'd it instead.

Just look for the orange bags up poles. I think that I got to 30 sets either on or directly adjacent to the roundabout itself i.e. close enough to have an affect on traffic flow.

I did this in light of the article in the Daily Mail icon Daily Mail about turning traffic lights off to help improve traffic flow. "Turn traffic lights OFF if you want to cut jams: Councils are told to curb their parking restrictions and 'anti-car' attitude"


CONCERNS raised over plans to create a continuous dual carriageway on the A27.


Residents living in Southampton Road, Fern Way and Titchfield Park Road in Segensworth, Fareham have started a petition opposing the plans to create the dual carriageway between Segensworth and St Margaret’s roundabouts.

The News icon  Link to The News article


segensworth roundabout to St Margaret's Roundabout


A27 improvements Link to Works Summary

The proposals aim to;

  • upgrade the existing single carriageway sections of this route to provide two lanes in each direction.
  • provide a third lane to the nearside of the A27 Southampton Road approach to the Segensworth Roundabout
  • retain the existing 40mph speed limit along the A27 Southampton Road
  • retain the existing right turn lane into Hambrooks Garden Centre and ban U-turns at this location
  • retain and modify the existing signal controlled crossing at Titchfield Park Road
  • provide an off road pedestrian and cycle facility along the north side of the A27 Southampton Road between the existing signal controlled crossing at Titchfield Park Road and Mill Lane
  • modify the junction with Southampton Hill to enable u-turns (from west to west), and ban the right turn from Southampton Hill towards Fareham. Also to improve the uncontrolled pedestrian crossing facilities here
  • relocate the existing eastbound bus stop and lay-by from opposite Titchfield Primary School to be outside Titchfield Mill, just east of Mill Lane


bishopsfield road to station roundabout


A27 improvements A27 improvements A27 improvements A27 improvements Link to Works Summary

The proposals aim to;

  • Capacity improvements through this link will help reduce congestion generally across the locally affected network, improve the flow of west-bound traffic and reduce congestion and delays at Station Roundabout.
  • New and enhanced off-line bus facilities to the front of Fareham train station will better connect Eclipse buses and other bus services and enable more efficient and direct bus/train passenger interchange.
  • A new shared-use cycleway will link between the train station, West Street and Fareham College.
  • The existing staggered controlled pedestrian crossing at A27/Gudge Heath Lane/Redlands Lane junction will be widened and converted to a Toucan style facility enabling shared cycle and pedestrian use.
  • A new train station forecourt access link will be provided for pedestrians and cyclists
  • A new bus lane is to be constructed to assist buses entering into Station Roundabout
  • General public realm and shared-space enhancements
  • Subway modifications to accommodate the new bus stop location




St Margaret's Roundabout

FBC logo Link to works summary

St Margaret's completion sign The proposals aim to improve the management of traffic, ease congestion at peak times, and improve pedestrian and cycle facilities. The scheme includes:

  • traffic signals on the A27 Southampton Road, Cartwright Drive and Warsash Road approaches to the roundabout, together with traffic signals and additional lanes on the circulating carriageway of the roundabout
  • additional traffic lanes on both of the A27 Southampton Road approaches to the roundabout
  • widened traffic lanes on the Cartwright Drive approach to the roundabout to better accommodate lorries, and reassigned so that lane 1 is for turning left towards Fareham, and lane 2 is for all other destinations
  • a right turn lane into The Holiday Inn from Cartwright Drive
  • a separate traffic lane into the ‘Shell’ fuel filling station and shop
  • a shared use pedestrian and cycle route on the north side of the A27 with signal controlled crossing facilities across Cartwright Drive, and across the A27 on the west side of the roundabout

As with Peel Common this scheme also started on the 17th of August but unlike that scheme they have actually stated an end date of 22nd of May 2016. Many cones were laid then but very little seemed to happen for the first four or five weeks but things have quickened since then. It will be interesting to see if either of these schemes finish on time and to budget.

Once this scheme is under way we then have the rest of the A27 "improvements" coming theoretically improving through traffic and reducing congestion, although nobody seems to certain about what will happen at the Quay Street roundabout and the junction with the A32. Possibly the Stubbington by-pass will assist here but that has still to be funded and approved.

HCC report is here and the SLEP business case is here. These links also apply to modifications along the whole of the A27 from St Margaret's through to the Railway Station. PDF file 1.3MB