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What is the Inform Fareham Focus Group?

Inform Fareham is a group of local residents, we have evolved from a page set up on Facebook, currently having over 2000 members, opposed to unnecessary development in Fareham.

Our aims are:

  1. To oppose ALL future development in the Borough of Fareham (including Welborne), that destroys our Open Spaces/Countryside and which will make traffic congestion even worse, adversely affect the "Quality of Life" of existing Residents and do huge environmental damage.
  2. To "Better Inform" Fareham residents as to the true impact of all future Developments in Fareham.
  3. To hold Fareham Borough Council (FBC) to account for infrastructure provisioning (in particular, Primary & Secondary Healthcare facilities and mitigating the traffic impact.

We are a selection of local people from right across the political spectrum who believe that the voices of Fareham residents are not being listened to, with regards to major issues here in Fareham.

We understand only too well Fareham Borough Council faces big challenges, however facing those challenges is no excuse for overriding the democratic process of genuine and open dialogue with residents.

We wish to work with our Council in understanding the challenges ahead, but in doing so, we believe in a meaningful and sincere exchange of views. We believe the residents have a right to be heard and that local councillors, whatever party they represent, have a duty to listen to the wider community of Fareham.

Experience has shown that in trying to debate the new Welborne development, Fareham Borough Council currently has no appetite for wide public debate on an issue, which will change Fareham forever.

Inform Fareham will sit alongside the community groups of Funtley, Wallington, Knowle & Wickham, The Fareham Society and the CPRE (Hampshire), working with them, in a constructive manner, in the hope that we can make Fareham a better place to live.

Inform Fareham draws support from right across the borough. We will be active in supporting residents regarding the various issues and challenges they face today, in relation to development and the erosion of that precious commodity - Quality of Life.


Inform Fareham Focus Group   mail@informfareham.org.uk

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